TheBronze Key Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

It takes place in an Underwater magestrium house. And is apparently a thing only mages could see and not normal people. It makes me feel like I'm special because only some people know about the underwater house.
Underwater magestrium house and thrift shop. The thrift shop looks to be very run down with paint falling off the wall and has a old 1900's style shop. The magestrium is very grand and has lots of gold and is very large and has many different places to go out and you can only get in by walking down stairs to the main room.
It takes place in the 2000s because they don't have all these flying cars and a Jasper says that he's suprised that they have a old Bentley so it's definitely not in the old days. I imagine that everything is still normal but you really have to be clever to see all these hidden places that the magestrium owns
It makes it seem as if i'm at somewhere that's super fancy. And that it's so secretive that you can't tell anyone you were there
The place is crowded by a bunch of students and some instructors. The instructors seem very serious and do not appreciate people having fun.
They use these nice black suits that they are wearing to the ceremony. They are also using all these nice cuffs and shoes.
The overall mood is all this excite to of getting an award that not everyone can get. And also nervousness because call is nerves of being up on stage and having all these people looking at him.
The chandalier in the honor room fell on top off call and almost died. Than the lights went out and caused chaos because nobody knew what was happening


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