The Qin Dynasty P.E.R.S.I.A A different lens

A written law from the Qin Dynasty


Politics played a major role in how the Qin dynasty functioned, the idea of Legalism was developed after Qin Shuangdi, the emperor of the Qin. He burned the books of scholars, and killed some of them as well. Forcing the Qin to adopt Legalism. Legalism relies on moral law rather than religion. The idea of legalism and the Qin politics had led them to great success, but it wasnt this that got them far as a dynasty. It wasn't their politics which had long lasting effects, it was what they had achieved in order to move China forward as a country, Yet the Qin never realized it.

Economy: RANK: 3RD

The Qin economy wasn't the best economy out of all the dynasties China ever had. Yet it certainly wasn't the worst. Its economy was able to build many historical structures such as the Great Wall, without their economy, who knows what could have happened to the Qin. However, even though their economy helped them achieve a lot of great things, it wasnt what they were known for the most, as this was a step to what they were known for. Constructing The Great Wall, and the Terracotta warriors are 2 great examples for this, and this was created partially because of their economy.

Religion: RANK 5th

The Qin dynasty wasn't revolved around their religion as much as other things. They did not let their religion interfere with their lives. For instance, they adopted legalism which disallowed religion to be a factor in laws. Which is still here today in 2017. Their religion was essential in becoming a better society, however it did not play a huge role in the Qin rule. Legalism made sure of it.

Social Structure: RANK 6th

The Qin social structure did not play a huge role in what the Qin were known for today. Similar to religion, social classes did not have an effect on what they achieved. However each class was treated accordingly: The Poor, were treated far worse than the other classes, the first class was treated as part of the government or more worthy than the other people. The Social structure was the part that was "left out" of the Dynasty as the Qin were not known for their social classes. Also, scholars were treated depending on if they supported Legalism or not, since Qin Shi Huangdi enforced it all over his people.

Intellectual Achievements: 1st!

The Great Wall of China

Here it is, 1st place. Without a doubt, the Qin dynasty was most remembered for its fascinating intellectual achievements. Achievements such as the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta warriors around Qin Shuangdi's tomb. The Great Wall was started by the Qin, yet it wasn't finished by them. However, they had expanded the crucial project and ended up to be over 6,000 miles long, which is still standing to this day. Showing how strong their strategies were for building structures. As well as the terracotta soldiers. The terracotta soldiers were composed of clay and surrounded the tomb of their emperor, Qin Shuangdi. When Qin died, the dynasty mourned his loss, and noblemen composed thousands of warriors to symbolize that the Emperor was being protected.

“The reason why China suffers bitterly from endless wars is because of the existence of feudal lords and kings. A reliance on ancestral temples initially brought stability, but the revival of states results in the spread of army's. Doing so will never bring about peace!- Shi Huangdi


The Terracotta Warriors

The arts and architectures from the Qin dynasty remain to this day, as the terracotta warriors still stand. The same thing with the Great Wall, the parts they expanded still stand. They used their building strategies to expand the Great Wall, and the terracotta warriors were created. Art and Architecture can connect with their achievements, as their achievements were caused because of the way the Qin built things. As shown through many canals, bridges, roads and the Great Wall of course.


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