Native American justin siharath

I am a Native American that was part of the Cherokee tribe that was move off our land on to Reservations. I am here to discuss the problem that I have. I believe that the land should be used communally by all and not divided up, sold, and owned by individuals. The other problem that I have is settlers moving west into our land and taking all of it. The last problem is the Broken promise made by the U.S. government. I am here to solve this conflict between us.

I will start will the first problem the different beliefs about land ownership. I don’t think that land should be not divided up, sold, and owned by individuals. The second problem that I have is that settlers moving west in our land and talking it and we were forced off our land. The third problem that I really have is that you guys making promise that you can’t make. You guys said that you would give us cows but give us one-week cow that can’t even pull anything. That the all problem’s that I bring so we can solve this together without starting another war.

The first problem that we can solve is the Dawes Act. When you guys forced off our land and divided it up it wasn’t really far because the land you guys put us on was no good. We couldn’t really grow anything. I really think that you guys should put us on some land that we can grow our food. We aren’t asking for a lot of land just enough so we can grow our food. The third problem is with the settle moving west. I believe that you guys should make a law that settler if you move into Native American land we have the right to ask to ask you to lave or we get to kill you. I have one more problem that I really don’t like is you guys making promise you can’t solve it is to give us land that you promise that really good so we can grow our food and give us cows that are really strong and help grow our food.


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