Principles of Design Sarah Caudill

Repetition: repeated elements of art: shapes, color, textures, lines, forms, values.
The pages show repetition in this picture.
Movement: how the elements are arranged to direct the viewers eye throughout the art.
The lines in this picture direct the viewers eye.
Balance: the equal distribution of visual weight in a design.
In this picture the castle and the sun balance each other out.
Variation: the elements in art need to be varied but harmonious. for example, different width lines, various selection of sizes with the shapes, different shades of a color, etc.
This picture shows variation because the shapes are harmonious while the colors are different.
Emphasis: when one element of art stands out. this might be done though contract of size, color, value, texture.
This picture shows emphasis because the one black circle stand out on the grey and white background.
Economy: this is purposefully leaving aspects of the original image out as you draw or paint in order to allow the center of interest to stand out and to create the line movement you desire.
This picture shows economy because it creates the shape of a triangle without actually drawing it.
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Sarah Caudill


Created with images by Dimitry B - "Marc Chagall, America Windows, detail, Art Institute Chicago" • chrismetcalfTV - "Repetition" • blondinrikard - "Book art" • Paul L Dineen - "Christmas lights + shaken camera ... IMG_9117" • Paul Ebbo - "Movement"

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