CNPS Bulletin 2020 | issue 13 | 18 September

Principal’s Column

Thank you for all of your hard work and patience getting through yet another term of remote learning.

As you know, next term will commence remotely for the first week, following with the return of Foundation, Year One and Year Two students. We will send you information on how this will look like in the first week back of term. If all goes to plan and our numbers are an average 5 or below for 2 consecutive weeks, we will see the Years 3-6 coming back to school in week 4. We will keep you posted as soon as we have direction from DET.

It has been quite a tremendous term. One that has been a challenge for every single family and staff member at CNPS. We all appreciate your support during RFL 2.0 and hope that you will all have some time out where you can relax and recharge. Although it has been difficult, know that this time will pass.

Next term will be a busy one with many organisational matters that will need to be adapted to factor in our new normal. Foundation and Year 7 transition, Plants for Panels and end of year celebrations will look differently this year as we will need to alter them to fit within Covid-19 restrictions. Please note that even though things will be different, we will work hard to make them as enjoyable and as memorable as they can be.

Our enrolment numbers have grown significantly over the last month with our numbers fast approaching 600. As we already have our allotted number of portable buildings from DET, we will not be able to provide more classrooms for smaller class sizes. Next term we will fill you in on our enrolment numbers and how this will look across the school.

Early next term we will begin to conduct 1-1 assessments with all students in numeracy and literacy. This data will provide the school with accurate information on where each child sits according to the Victorian Curriculum. We will use this as well as other assessment pieces collected over the term for our Semester reports. This data will also provide the school with information for the following year on extra supports required for children who may have dropped behind the expected level of achievement. We are confident that we will be able to provide the right supports for our students to progress.

Enough school talk for now - it is time to enjoy those holidays as they will fly by so quickly. Enjoy your break and I will hopefully see you next term.

Stay safe,


Parents and Friends

Plants for Panels

Spring planting time is here and with that the CNPS plant sale – Plants for Panels – is just around the corner! But to make the event as successful as last year's event, we need your old pots and seedling trays. If you have any you can offer, please contact Vanessa Basilone on 0413 595 850.

This year's event will be run as an online event which will offer a range of vegetables and herb seedlings, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, strawberries, parsley, thyme, basil and ornamentals like marigolds, salvias and succulents. And more.

This year’s plant sale will raise money for solar panels for the school.

Website details will be available closer to the event.


Spoonville has come to CNPS!


  • Wooden spoons (these are great because of all the space that you have to include a face!), but other utensils are welcome
  • Glue
  • Whatever you have in your house that you can attach to said utensil: from feathers to grass, fabric, twirls, old buttons, twigs… anything else you can think of!


Organise a craft area and lay out some newspaper, because making Spoonies for Spoonville can be messy work. Then begin creating your masterpiece. Think about a character you might like to produce and plan it on paper first, if you feel it is necessary. To support your School House, you might like to design your spoons in your House colours to gain an extra 2 House points. Please remember when you are making your Spoonies that they will be out in the elements, that potentially means rain and wind. Therefore, make sure that all the extra’s that you attach to your spoon are glued on properly and you might like to varnish your Spoony with a quick coat of clear nail polish, as it does wonders to protect your work from the elements. This is a great activity to do as a family, you might even want to make more than one spoon. Make sure you clearly label your Spoonies with your name and grade.


During one of your family walks you can quickly pop into school and carefully place your spoon into the ground at the front of the office. You will find a ‘Spoonville’ sign to help you locate it. Please note that CNPS’ Spoonville is within the school gate, therefore it is open between 9am – 3:30pm pm on school days. If you choose to make one over the holidays, please take a photograph of it and post it on the website. Once term four begins you can find a place for it amongst the other citizens of Spoonville.

As this is an evolving and living exhibition, please pop in from time to time to see any changes and additions made to Spoonville. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, Spoonville will officially be dismantled on Friday 30th October.




Happy Crafting, Everyone!

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Coburg North Primary School