The rise of Hitler By jonah neal

Hitler was beaten as a child and his mom wanted him to be in the church choir. when Hitler was young he wanted to be a artist and would draw land scaps and didn't know how to draw people when he wanted to go to school for artist they denied him because he could not draw people, Hitler was also quick to anger so when they said no it made Hitler think that all the people that told him no were Jewish and he hated Jewish people. Hitler also disliked his nose and a lot of his body parts. Hitler came to power in September 11 1919 when he joined the the NAZI party. wanted to overturn the treaty of Versailles and communism. adopted the swastika as symbol .Hitler was in the army and was awarded a medal. in 1923 he tried to take control of the Nazi party and failed to do so and was thrown in prison for it and while he was prison he wrote a book called mien kampf and in the book he talks about his idea of a perfect race. when Hitler takes control of Germany he turns Germany into a totalitarian state which basically means that the Nazi party will take control he took control of the economy and made secret police called Gestapo. he put millions to work and called for the rebuild of factors and built high ways and put serten people in serten jobs. he built weapon factors and said all males have to serve in the army. turnd all press, radio and film and art into propaganda tools. made schools for boys were they had to learn how to fight. in 1933 he passed laws to limit Jews and built ghettos for them and would make concentration camps to kill Jews and would put them in gas chambers and would alow doctors to experiment on Jews. HIler was a drug addicted and would be relay paranoid, and a doctor diagnosed him as demented. Hitler eventually cumitid suicide.

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