For Our Volunteers from Ms. Linda & Justin

Sometimes show days can feel dramatic...SOOO dramatic...

..but you arrived prepared and in style...

...put your best face forward,

...and helped others do the same.

With your help, we rehearsed 40 numbers in 5 hours.

....and finished 5 minutes EARLY!

We sat nearly 1.4k audience members over 4 days...

...and you made it look like it was no big deal.

Without you, we could NOT have put on a show with 120 kids PER PERFORMANCE....10 times!!!

...and you did it with a smile.

You helped the dancers feel like part of a team... backstage...

...and feel they got the red carpet treatment.

You can see the pride on their faces...

...YOU help these kids be who they are with confidence.

Without your help, we could have felt like this all weekend...

...but you made us look good.

So, 2017 Stage Show Volunteers...this wave's for YOU!

We appreciate you.

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