Hit Me With Your Best Shot Analysis! By Maddison Wilesmith

The choreographic intent for this piece was the conservative’s taking a stand against Stacee Jaxx and the rockers. This can be seen by the choice of song. The song ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ delivers the message of taking a stand for their beliefs and their willingness to fight for these beliefs. Delivery of the dance and song are strong actions, for example the motif (gun hand gestures), the confident movements and assertive singing. This piece was enjoyable because it was exciting and different.
The movement elements in this piece were effective and strong. The spacing in this dance was excellent but different. All the conservatives were in a triangular position at the start which changed to rows in the pews. The choreography included their motif which was the gun movements. This involved holding hands together and creating a gun shape and pointing the shape towards the image of Stacee Jaxx. Other moves included kicking and Shanae’s. This was the use of legs in a strong, sharp manner. All dancers were included in these movements and were synchronised. The use of space in this dance was enjoyable to watch because it was strong and interesting.
The movement elements such as steps was interesting. The gun motif was used to convey their strength and their willingness to do “battle” against the Rockers. The continuous use of the gun motif reiterated their message of standing up for their beliefs. It was effective due to the universal image of hands making gun gestures which could be understood by the audience. The kicking, punching and Shanae's were used to show they are not weak and ready to stand against the Rockers and what they stand for (the downfall of Catholicism). The delivery of these movements by all dancers were effective as a visual element to demonstrate community unity and continuing their theme of willingness to “battle”.
Two of the non-movement components of this piece were the setting and the costumes. The setting was based in a Church during daytime (light was flooding through the stained glass windows), religious statues were gathered in shrines; posters of Stacee Jaxx’s displayed prominently; church pews were present and organ was visible. This was used to demonstrate their beliefs in the Church/Catholicism and their willingness to fight to keep this belief. The use of the Church as this setting was effective as the characters did not have to indicate what their beliefs or stance were due to the location.
The costumes were pastel, which included pearl necklaces, high heels, pant suits, dresses, skirts and shorts. The costumes were used to show the decade it was set in (1980’s) and the dancers were conservatives. The costumes were used as a visual tool to contrast the “good versus evil” theme of the storyline. The costumes were a contrast against other characters. This was an effective tool used.
In conclusion the non-movement and the movement pieces interacted with each other throughout the dance by contrasting light and dark and using tools in a way which allows the viewer to understand none verbally the themes of the dance. I enjoyed this piece because it was strong, interesting and unique the non-movement elements and the movements elements definitely helped the overall idea of coming together to fight the rockers!

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