Over fishing By Farah ellin

By 2050 there will be fishless oceans.If we continue to fish at the rate we are now at, we will have fishless oceans. Today I will explain why overfishing impacts the environment and the human race, I will also state someways we can stop overfishing.

Overfishing destroys the environment in many ways, one way is the food chain. When one ecosystem is destroyed others can also die from that action. For example, herring is a vital prey species for the cod. Therefore, when herring are overfished the cod population suffers as well.

Another example is the destruction of habitats, many fishing boats pollute and destroy bays, from nets to oil spills. One way of fishing that is called dynamite fishing, which is illegal, destroy bays as it contains setting fire to an explosive and waiting for the dead fish to rise at the sea surface. Not only does overfishing impact the environment it also impacts our life's.

Many life's are influenced by the fishing industry. It creates jobs, homes and cultures. If the fishing industry disappeared many jobs would be lost. For many people fishing gives them money and food. People who depend on fishing, like fishermen, can go into poverty if our oceans become fishless. This is why we must make ways to save our oceans.

Placing more laws and regulations can save the world. We can solve overfishing by changing our fishing gear to more sustainable ones that don't destroy the planet , releasing young fish and to stop pirate fishing. Places more laws will make a more reliable future.

As I have said making more laws will unsure that our life's and the environment won't be destroyed. Overfishing will destroy ecosystems, jobs and homes. From every two breathes we take one comes from the ocean. If the ocean dies, we die.


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