Elements in an iPhone

The elements that are in an iPhone screen are Indium, Oxygen, Tin, Aluminium, Silicon and Potassium. There is a Ionic compound in the Iphone screen and it is Indium tin oxide and it conducts electricity, therefore allowing the phone to be a touchscreen. The screen is also made of aluminosilicate to give it strength along with the potassium.

Reusable and Hazardous materials

On April, 20, 2017, Apple pledged to to make products like the iPhone from only recycled material and end mining for elements. They have already done that by making the Iphone 6 thinner by melting down the aluminum enclosures on the iPhone 6 to make Mac mini computers to use in its factories. They are moving to 100 percent recycled tin to make the logic board of the Iphone 6s instead of mining for it. Apple is also testing different ways to recover cobalt from their lithium-ion batteries and start to use recycled cobalt instead of mining for it.

Location of elements mined.

Is my device recycled?

Yes, Apple has started to make there new Iphones recyclable.

First, one must bring in an old iPhone that they want to resell and that phone will be checked if there is any internal problems in it. If the phone does not have any problems, then the person will recieve a voucher and the device will be shipped to a recycle contractor. Afterwards the contracter will recheck to see if there is any problem he phone and then he will sell it. If the phone is not ok and the person that brought the phone in agrees, the phone will be sent to the recycling plant right away to be recycled.

Length of person keeping an Iphone.

Highest Usage Rates

The iPhone has a more higher usage rate in North America, Austrailia and little bit in Europe.

Societal, environmental and economic pros and cons of my device.

Some societal pro of my device is you are instantly able to contact anyone that you want via phone or social media. Another societal pro is one can get instant acess to a wide variety of information and music for us to explore. A societal con is we can get addicted to our device and especially for teens, they get distracted to the device instead of focusing more on our school work. Secondly, anybody can cyberbullied and if they have a device, they are more exposed to child predators and some people do not know how to deal with these social problems.

There is no enviromental pros of having my device, but there is a number of cons of having my device. First of all, the average person only uses their phone for less than a year to 1 and a half of a year. This means that people would have to mine for more elements everyday and the elements in a smartphone are not renewable. An average of 140, 000, 000 phones end up in the land fill every year.

An economic pro of my device is the company that makes the iPhone makes so much money that when a iPhone is newly released the economy depends on Apple. An economic con is that the iPhone sales have rapidly gone down that their biggest supplier (China) mentioned earlier in a picture, is not even enough for Apple to sustain their company.


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