College/Work/Service Chase Cavallaro

1. Who - What will you want to represent? What I would like to represent is the Hobo Commune if we ever get big on YouTube. I cannot really predict that since no one can tell the future but I hope we can all get big on YouTube and make videos together. If that doesn’t work out I’d like to make videos for gaming companies because that is something I also enjoy watching and playing so making videos of certain games for a company would be awesome.

2. What - is the college/service/work that you are interested? I am interested in the Career Video Production, and Colorado Mountain is where I want to learn. What is the area of study/work you see yourself doing? I enjoy the editing aspect of videos and Video Production is the career that lets me edit videos and audio. Though I am not very experienced with the audio side, it is something I have been interested in and am willing to learn more about. What are some of the requirements to get into this college/service/work? An essay is required with 4 questions that are given to you. then you must send a portfolio of your best work with transcript from your school and your SAT sores.

3. Where - is the college/service/work located? Colorado Mountain is located Glenwood Springs. The school I will enroll on campus is the Digital Media School where I will peruse my career. Where will you live over the next four years? I will be living on campus, I have my room booked and will be staying on campus all 4 years.

4. When - do you need to finish applications/take certain tests/etc.? I have done my essay, finishing my portfolio, and have sent my SAT scores and GPA. I am working on scholarships as well while I work on my portfolio and wait for SAT scores to send. Do gather the necessary skills to matriculate/lead/work? I have actually learned plenty of skills for communicating, directing, and working with people as a team in CESPN and mostly from playing video games and using coms.

5. Why - does this college/service/work interest you? I have loved filming videos by myself or with a group. While film school was an option I originally wanted to enter, it mostly taught you how to be a director and while I am good at taking charge, I am terrible at writing and decided to do camera and video aspect. Video Production was the side that I was looking for. All about editing video and audio clips. I am excited to learn more about video and learn how to do audio. Why did you make the choice? I made this choice because I love editing videos and changing the original project into a version that I made. I love watching YouTube videos and seeing all the editing that I want to understand how to make in the future.

6. How - does one get into this school/service/work (process)? an essay is required with 4 questions that are given to you. then you must send a portfolio of your best work with transcript from your school and your SAT sores.


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