Rob and Mary Babies Are Us

Ideal: A girl, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and athletic ability.

Odds: The odds of a child with your specified traits, being born naturally- without any genetic modifications, is 6.25%

Pros: Prevent Genetic Diseases, allows parents to give their child a better shot at a healthy lifestyle, the government does not have the right to control reproduction, reduces risk of inherited medical conditions.

Cons: Only in experimental stages, other children in the family could affected by the parent’s decision, expensive, current techniques of genetic modification introduce genes at random places in the genome, which could disrupt the function of another gene crucial for survival. Things CAN go wrong.

The most common method of gene manipulation is in vitro fertilization. In this process, eggs are removed from the woman’s uterus, fertilized in a laboratory and then transferred back into the uterus. Defective embryos are weeded out by examining the fertilized eggs under a microscope.

What is your Ethnic Background?

Are there any diseases that seem to run in your family?

Are you parents alive and healthy?

What is making you want to choose your babies traits?

Do you understand how much this will cost?

What is the process of designing a baby?

How much will this cost?

What are the risk?

How long will this process take?

Once we start can we stop?


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