Meet the SI Leaders! University of Wisconsin - Superior

haley stalls

Haley Stalls, she/her/hers

SI Leader for Teacher Education 200

Elementary Education major, junior, graduating Spring 2023

Originally from Adrian, Michigan but moved to Superior, Wisconsin around nine years ago and considers it her home.

Outside of being an SI Leader, I am the Front desk Supervisor at the ESC, and I also work for the UWS Upward Bound program as a tutor as well. When I am not working I am usually spending time with my family and friends either working on crafts and going on hikes. I like to say I am a serial hobbiest when it comes to hobbies, I am either always changing my interests and hobbies, recently my hobbies include gardening, organizing, decorating, cooking, and crafting. Which can help tell you that I am going to become and Elementary Education teacher because I truly love the creativity of children and I also love just spending time with them and getting to know each and every student and how they can change the future. My dream grade to teach would be Kindergarten, but If I had to pick another subject/grade I would choose to be an elementary school math teacher.

The reason I became an SI leader is because I wanted the chance to help those who are coming into the education program and help guide them and provide them with some peer advice and help.

What I love the most would have to be the content being covered and how I learn from the class every time I sit in it, this is my third time now sitting in the class and every time I am in the class I am learning new topics and content.

My favorite part about SI is being able to help my peers and how I get the chance to work one-on-one with the Professor and have a deeper understanding of the course and content.

SI Session times: Wednesday: 9 am - 10 am and Thursday 7-8 pm on Zoom

Evan rust

Evan Rust, he/him/his

SI Leader for Computer Science 201

Computer Science major, senior, graduating Spring 2022

From Esko, MN

I enjoy creating electronics/programming projects, biking, visiting state parks, and gaming. I chose my major because designing systems and implementing them is a fun challenge, as seeing something you've built "come to life" is exciting. I plan to work for either Edge Impulse or Microsoft if I can.

I enjoy helping students learn in an interactive and open way.

I love Computer Science 201 because the people in the class are trying their best to understand new and difficult material for the first time.

My favorite part of SI is getting the chance to work with students.

SI Session time: Tuesday from 1 pm - 2 pm in SWEN 3005

Nick Reberg

Nick Reberg, he/him/his

SI Leader for ACCT 200

Accounting and Business Administration: Fiance double major, senior, graduating Spring 2022

From Foley, MN

Hello all! Other than being an SI Leader, I work on campus at the Yellowjacket Union, as the Lead Building Manager. I really like both of my jobs because they are both very student focused so I can interact with so many different people on campus. When I'm not working, I enjoy hiking with my friends, camping, and playing disc golf. After graduation, I plan on traveling for a while and then more than likely moving down to the cities for work and to just be around more people! I look forward to working with all of you!

I choose to become an SI leader because I really love accounting, but I love helping people even more!

I love the problems of Financial Accounting. There is just something truly great about working a problem and having your numbers match when you're done.

My favorite part about SI is being able to interact with the students both in class and during the actual SI Sessions.

SI Session times: Thursdays from 12 pm - 1 pm - bring your lunch!

Rayne Benson

Rayne Benson, he/they

SI Leader for MATH 113

Math major, graduating Spring 2022

From Sawyer, MN

The reason I'm a math major is because I love solving problems and puzzles. Some of my personal interests include chess, programming, and listening to and playing music. My future goal is to go to grad school and teach at a university.

I chose to be an SI leader because I love working with other students, and I thought it would be cool to work with students as one of my future goals is to teach at a university.

My favorite part of SI is working with students and helping them learn.

SI Session times: Tuesday from 2 pm - 3 pm in SWEN 3005