Raid 7 Heinz Field

I had planned from the start to do a Pittsburgh stadium.

At first, I wanted to maybe do Three Rivers Stadium, which was torn down and replaced with (what is now) Heinz Field.

Three Rivers Stadium held both the Steelers (NFL) and the Pirate's (MLB) games.

Three Rivers Stadium

This build would have been so hard, because the structure is perfectly round.

Because of this, I opted for Heinz Field (which was still really hard to build)

Because it is a football stadium, I just used the grass that is already in the world as a base. I chose a flat world so I wouldn't have to worry about finding a flat space that was big enough for my structure.

First failure:

My first failure came VERY quickly. I built the entire field and half of my lines were one block off and did not connect. The first time I made the base field, it was to scale, but I decided I wanted the little dash lines, yard numbers, and enough space for a logo.

I completely scratched the first uneven field and went to a different part of the world and started building this one. This was MUCH larger than the first one, but honestly it looked so much better that I didn't even care about the size.

I used clay (white stained and regular) for the lines and yard numbers.

Additionally, I used the other colors of clay to create the end zones and logos.

Next, I put up the goal posts (which you can see in the photo above) and started on the seating.

The part I spent the most time on was most definitely the lower bowl seating. Since there aren't any yellow stairs, I just had to use the yellow stained clay blocks to create the seats. I also used the stone block for the stairs.

I just estimated how many rows there were and how many "seats" in each row.

I tried to make it just look aesthetically pleasing and proportionate to the actual field. I put iron bars as a type of fence/barricade to separate the seats from the actual field.


A major challenge was the corners of the seating. The stadium is not perfectly square, so I had to make it layered in order to give it an ovular shape, so all around there were different layers which were also challenging to form the seating to. The corners were by far the hardest part. I had to make sure each level was the same so that it would come out evenly on the other side.

After I finished the lower bowl, I moved on to the scoreboard.

I made a large base out of clay and filled it in with black wool to make the dark screen of the scoreboard. Around the outside, I made several colored rectangles out of the different colors of clay to represent the different advertisements that are present on scoreboards.

Additionally, at the top, I added the iconic ketchup bottles that tilt down and "squirt ketchup" when the Steelers are in the red zone.

Next, I finished the lower bowl seating and added fencing around it using iron bars.

I started on the middle section for the suite seating. I built up a wall around the whole lower bowl and then proceeded to build the suites above them.

After I finished the suite level, I built the upper bleacher seating above the end zone.

Then I continued on to create the upper bowl seating on either side.

After I completed the seating, I added the overhanging roof. I made this of stone and covered it with whit carpet to replicate the color scheme of the actual overhang.

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