Vaginal Ring By christopher and craig

The birth control method that is called vaginal ring is used by females
The vaginal ring is a copper or plastic device that is placed in your uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years.
The ring has a 99.7% chance it would work when used properly.
you are going to need prescription to use this.
The steps are easy first you need to hold the ring between your thumb and index finger on the side of the ring. Second you have to insert the nuva ring into your vagina.lastly you push it further up into your vagina.
The cost for the Ring is 0-$80 a month.
The Ring also cost less than IUD.
Some advantages the Ring has is it is private,has a lower dose of hormone levels than pill or patch, and self administrated.
The disadvantages the Ring has are mild nausea, breast pain, and nervousness.
The resources we used are island sexual, planned, and

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