Science - show what you know by: olivia

To me science is where you study things and find new stuff. Some examples of things science can study is plants and animals. science cant study your opinion and what you think and how you see things.
Some beneficial structures of animals are. Arctic foxes grow white fur instead of brown fur to blend in to there environment. Woodpeckers have pointy noses so they can break open hard shells to eat. giraffes have long necks so they can reach to the top of a tree to eat leaves. monkeys swing from branches to stay away from predictors and find food.
i consider a scientific model a 3D design that you can touch and feel. i think a model is better to look at because its easier to understand and you can see it better.
A system is a group of organs that make a function. the muscular system is related to the human body because it helps you move. If you didn't have this system you couldn't walk jump or run.
its a good representation of a system because it takes all of these food groups to function and they all work together and you need all of them.


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