Death Note By:Tsugumi Ohba ;IR project by: John Olivos

Personal Summary

In the book Death Note, A Teenage boy named Light Yagami finds a "Death Note". The Death note is a notebook that has a evil power. That power is if your write someone's name in the notebook the person that you wrote in the book will die. You can write how that person dies and where he or she will die. Light later finds out about the power because a monster from another dimension, Ryuk, is the one who chose light to hold that notebook. Ryuk explains how the Death note works to light and Light loves the power of the Death Note. Whoever uses the Death Note won't go to heaven or hell. Later in the book, Light uses the power to kill criminals that are in jail and are not yet in jail. Since he is killing people, Light is now a criminal. The police force is after him and wants to put a stop on Light. In the end of the book, Light is still killing criminals and also police officers but a new character named L is a very good detective and finds out about Light's power.

Death Note is a very mysterious and scary manga that is pure death. These pictures represent the mysterious and scariness of the manga.

Personal Review

I would recommend this manga series to people that love anime and love scary novels. This noble is best suited for a 14+ audience. This novel is very mysterious and makes you want to keep on reading. In the manga, the government is very strict and wants everything and everyone safe. People who like to read about evil humans that have powers people dream to have, Death note is the book for them.

What Others Are Saying

Over the past three weeks I've been burning through one of the most exciting reads I've come across in a while. Death Note is a seat-edged battle of wits that left me exhausted by the end. Heck, I was exhausted by the halfway mark. -Seth T. GoodReads
Death note is a highly addictive read. I would say it’s the best manga I’ve ever read. It’s one of those stories which leaves you desperate for the ending, but at the same time upset because it all ended. Everything in Death note was planned out perfectly and it was very fast-paced so I was never fed up.-Merna Goodreads.
COOL, COOL, SO COOL!!!! -Julia Goodreads
"Being alone is better than being with the wrong person" -L Death Note
Created By
John Olivos-Mendoza


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