Junior Scientist & Industry annual meeting 11 March 2021, online from Maison MINATEC, Grenoble

13th Edition 100% Online

The JSIam is the place where junior researchers explore possible career paths outside of academia and start building connections ; and it’s where industry and startup professionals can find the talents of tomorrow and keep up with the latest research going onin the labs of the GIANT Innovation Campus

Brought to you by the GIANT Junior Ambassadors team

Program of the day

11 March 2021

A general talk on career prospects for doctors outside of public research

Workshop sessions : each session offers 4 workshops in groups of 20 people on practical and industry specific topics : CV & job search tools, Specific industry sectors, Work and residence permits in France…

The number of seats is limited !

Speed networking : get a chance to meet and exchange "face to face" with industry professionals. More than 35 professionals are participating!

#Doc4Office Flyer Competition & Speednetworking

Stand out from the crowd even before the event begins, and present your skills, interests and career objectives in the #Doc4Office contest! Submit your entry by 7 March, and as early as the registrations open!

Participating to the Doc4Office contest is compulsory to attend the speed networking session
We'll try to keep the spirit of the JSIam, albeit online!
The Junior Scientist & Industry annual meeting is an event sponsored by the GIANT Innovation campus and alliance, and brought to you by the GIANT Junior Ambassadors team
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