Good Life Tour of the Harn Angela Delfino

This piece of art that I have chosen to represent a piece that I appreciated the most. The technique is truly beautiful and abstract. This artwork was done by Ross Bleckner. What I appreciated about this art is that although it may simply just look like lines on canvas, in person, the intricate details made it so much for than that. It is truly a beautiful work of art. It was created in a time that focussed on optical illusions and Bleckner was able to create a strong one within this piece of art. This artwork made me feel appreciative of artists who take the time to put such intricate details in their art to represent something prevalent in their time period. From what I can gather, this piece of art communicates to me that it is a representation of the period of time that it was created.

Focussing on Design of the Museum, my favorite wing was David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. This wing had high ceilings, wood arches and glass doors separating it from other parts of the museum. The amount of light coming in from the large back window reflected on the art stunningly. Also, the actual art that was in this wing was drastically different from that of the rest of the museum. The art in the Asian Art wing was mostly physical objects rather than paintings. I appreciated this diversity in the museum and how well it was presented. This exhibit intrigued me because it was so different than all of the others, and that is what allowed me to appreciate it so much.

As for a piece of art that represents one of my core values, I chose the Fancy Dress Masquerades in Ghana. I see this art to represent culture, which is one of my core values. No matter where life takes someone, one should never forget where he or she came from, and that stems back to culture. Culture shapes people into who they turn out to be. This artwork shows the culture of Ghana and enables an appreciation from me personally because I am part African, and I can relate and understand culture like this. This artwork makes me proud that the artist was able to display something that I so greatly appreciate. It reinstalls that culture is important for me.

I believe the Good Life for many women is that they are strong and undefeated. In this picture, the artist displays three beautiful girls who are showing their strength by holding hands. This, in my opinion, portrays them as unstoppable. Seeing the three beautiful girls holding hands shows me that they support each other and bring each other up. This photograph makes me appreciate how people can support each other and be strong together. The Good Life theme portrayed in this painting is strength and support.


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