Kitty History By Trevor Moore

High In Church

2015 | Comedy

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“Kitty history out in the spacetime loops. -- Kitty leaders and kitty banking groups. -- Kitty surveillance states. -- Kitty terrorists on kitty government pay. -- Come on and sing! -- Six kitty companies run everything. -- It's kitty history somewhere out in the stars!"


  • By 15, Moore had become a published cartoonist after compiling his early work in a book called Scraps.
  • At 16, Moore created the comic strip Cuddy for the now-defunct newspaper The Charlottesville Observer.
  • By 18, Moore was offered a deal by Christian network Pax-TV (now Ion Television). His show lasted sixteen episodes.
  • Trevor Moore is a founding member of the comedy troupe Whitest Kids U Know.
  • While shooting the fifth season for the Whitest Kids U' Know, he and the troupe wrote and filmed "The Civil War on Drugs." It ran alongside the season.
  • Trevor's parents are former Christian folk-rock singers, Mickey & Becki Moore, their single 'Love Song for Number Two' hit #2 Christian song in the USA...not sure who tracks this...


Luke Tatum

Isn't it cool how comedy can get at subjects that are normally off the table? This is an extremely uncomfortable dose of human history given a fluffy exterior. "The Kitty Saudis know how [Bush] can repay his debt; So he starts a ware with Iraq, their number one threat." Pretty brutally honest take on things, is it not? It even goes so far as to stress than his "Kitty" history is "exactly like ours!" If you said this kind of stuff on a CNN panel, you'd be ridiculed and called un-American. But Comedy Central gets to take a stab pretty close to the truth here, and it seems to have flown under the radar pretty well. Hooray for that!

Sherry Voluntary

KITTIES!! I love kitties. Who wouldn’t want to listen to this history lesson with cute little kitties? Thus the power of entertainment is shown. The humor of this cute song is contrasted by the truth that it speaks. Entertainment is such a great way to communicate truths that might otherwise be boring to people, or that they might not, in other circumstances, be open to hearing. It doesn’t have to be humorous, but it should aim to keep the interest of the hearers. The more people hear the principles of libertarianism, the more it will sink in. If we can do that in entertaining ways. It will stick even better.

Nicky P

My daughter loves this song. I havent gotten into the weeds with her about what it is really about but with any luck it'll start forging connections in her brain for when she is ready. For the moment all she needs to know is stay away from evil kitties with burning red eyes. Someday, perhaps it will keep her away from bankers and the military finance system. Frankly I think we need more subversive childrens songs. How is this not a cottage industry? Should I start this industry...nah. Kidz-Bop sucks.

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Nicky P

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