Director's Citation and Employee Recognition Awards 2020 - 2021

As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year, we are pleased to have this opportunity to recognize some of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board's most exemplary staff members, in order to appreciate and celebrate the work they do each day.

The Director’s Citation Award recognizes outstanding and significant staff contributions to the District and its students, over an extended period of time, showing a level of imagination, enthusiasm, and professionalism that constitutes a worthy model for others. It is intended to be a recognition of staff, by their colleagues, honouring those who are in the midst of their careers.

The Employee Recognition Awards recognize outstanding and significant staff contributions, specifically in the areas of equity, health and safety, innovation, and mentorship. These include the Excellence in Equity Award, the Health & Safety Award, the Innovation Award, the Mentoring Award, and the Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award.

Please continue reading to learn about the incredible employees who have earned these recognitions in the 2020-2021 school year.

Maha Albari

Vice Principal, Featherston Drive Public School

With her positive demeanor and endless compassion, Maha Albari has taken a hands-on role in supporting the wellbeing of staff and students throughout the pandemic. Whether she is personally delivering a student’s Chromebook or dropping off groceries to an isolated family, she truly goes above and beyond as Vice Principal of Featherston Drive Public School. Maha is a passionate advocate for new Canadian families, fighting for their equitable access to education and community services. She has formed strong relationships with marginalized students and families, regularly checking on them and providing practical support. Maha excels at making connections, whether she is hosting a potluck for educators and families or providing opportunities for parents to ask questions and receive valuable resources. Maha strives to ensure staff and students feel a genuine sense of belonging and can often be found in the classroom, the schoolyard, or supporting a student one-on-one. Her wisdom, approachability and dependability are an inspiration!

Stacey Arthur

Library Technician, Vimy Ridge Public School & Sir Robert Borden High School

Shortly after Vimy Ridge Public School opened its doors, Stacey Arthur was tasked with setting up the library. The resourcefulness and dedication she showed then is just as evident today: this year she has created a virtual library, offered online readings, sent Google Slides to staff to highlight new books, and even started a library Instagram account! Stacey works hard to ensure resources are diverse and reflect the student population, regularly sharing information that supplements staff learning. Her goal has always been to make the library as accessible as possible, and during the pandemic she has found new ways to offer book exchanges, created sign-up forms and how-to documents, offered outdoor read alouds, and personally delivered book bins to classrooms. Stacey is constantly looking for ways to keep students reading, and goes above and beyond to make the school a better place!

Anne Berkley

Office Administrator, Avalon Public School

In her 21 years with the OCDSB, Anne Berkley has demonstrated true leadership, ambition, and commitment to the growth and success of school communities. She has been the heart of Avalon Public School, approaching each new challenge with excitement and positivity. Anne was Avalon’s founding Office Administrator, where she worked tirelessly alongside Principal Sandra Stewart to ensure Avalon was ready to open 14 years ago. She took great care welcoming new staff and families, establishing routines and procedures, and contributing to the positive school climate that is still present today. She always has a caring and reassuring demeanor, and uses her knowledge of students and families to ensure each child receives the support they need. Anne is professional, supportive and reliable, and has even helped mentor the Office Administrator for the OCV-Elementary Campus. She is a community pillar who has touched the lives of everyone at Avalon, leading with a brilliant mind and caring heart!

Ariel Burns

Social Worker, Ottawa Carleton-District School Board

In her 10 years as a social worker with the OCDSB, Ariel Burns has modeled leadership, compassion, kindness, and inclusion. Ariel puts students, staff, and families at the forefront of her work and treats everyone with dignity and respect. She can build incredible trust in even the most challenging circumstances: two of her defining traits are her perseverance with challenging cases and ability to follow-through. Ariel brought the Bridges Over Barriers fund to the OCDSB, which enables school social workers to identify things that prevent students from accessing basic necessities, activities, and mental and physical health supports. The fund was started at the beginning of the pandemic, and to date has supported over 350 OCDSB families and raised over $90,000! Ariel continually strives for excellence and always advocates for students and families, especially those with unique or complex needs. Her passion and dedication are invaluable to all!

Susan Clow

Library Technician, W.E Gowling Public School

Susan Clow demonstrates impeccable imagination, organization, and enthusiasm in her role as W.E Gowling’s Library Technician. She maintains a user-friendly and visually appealing library space, regularly collaborating with teachers and administrators to enhance teaching and learning through her curation of inclusive and diverse materials. If a resource is needed, Susan will find it: she ensures items like multilingual texts are available. Susan’s creative thinking is a remarkable asset, whether it’s her ability to create an engaging, multi-sensory atmosphere during read alouds or her dedication to gifting donated books to children who need them. Susan is a strong advocate for student wellbeing, and her colleagues applaud her creativity, professionalism, and care!

Adrienne Coddett

Teacher and Department Head, Canadian and World Studies, Woodroffe High School

Adrienne Coddett’s deep roots in the Ottawa Black community are a gift to her classroom, where she sets an example both as an advocate for and testament to Black excellence! She has been instrumental in forwarding curriculum that represents and responds to Black students and in creating opportunities within the classroom and beyond. She has collaborated on a program for Black students through the “STEPS” to university partnership with University of Ottawa, and has helped develop the first grade 12 Black History Course in the OCDSB. She has also nurtured the annual Black Youth Conference Day, which empowers Black youth to, in her words, “be active participants in the discovery, manifestation, and articulation of their visions for themselves, Black communities, and the World!” Adrienne embodies the phrase “community involvement” and her community work directly impacts the learning and wellbeing of students. She is an incredible role model who teaches her students how to find and exercise their voice, setting them on the path to become change agents!

Communications Team

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

The OCDSB’s Communications Team, made up of Diane Pernari-Hergert, Heather McKinnon, Darcy Knoll, Oksana Kravets, Rebecca Mason, Joe Koraith, Mike Guilbault, Paul Jaworski, Ali Goncci, Jackie Brown, and Brent Craig, are the definition of empathetic and expert communicators. The flow of information at the OCDSB over the past year has been constant and rapidly shifting, and yet the quality of the Communications Team’s work has remained exceptional. Their patience and willingness to help is rooted in their commitment to enhancing the District’s reputation as an innovative, caring and socially responsible organization. This year, they have truly done it all: liaising with public health authorities, supporting virtual transitions of all kinds, conducting important surveys, finding innovative ways to celebrate graduates, managing communications to educators, families, and community members, and much more. However no matter what the message was, there was always a tone of positivity, hope, and inspiration woven in. The team worked tirelessly as information continued to flow to ensure up-to-date information was available in language everyone could understand. The OCDSB is thrilled to recognize the Communications Team for their hard work!

Diane Pernari-Hergert
Heather McKinnon
Darcy Knoll
Oksana Kravets
Rebecca Mason
Joe Koraith
Mike Guilbault
Paul Jaworski
Ali Goncci, B.Eng.
Jackie Brown
Brent Craig

Lori Davis

Grade 2 & 3 ETFI Teacher, Dunning-Foubert Elementary School

Though Lori’s support for her students and colleagues is always exceptional, her leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially so. Lori stepped up right away in March 2020 and became a leader in online teaching by enrolling herself in workshop after workshop, eagerly sharing her learnings with other staff. She created information drives over the summer to share additional learning resources and ideas, and became her school’s resident troubleshooter for Google Meet and Classroom in January 2021. Lori serves her students and their families diligently, communicating clearly and frequently with both positive feedback and concerns. She always comes prepared with data, observations, and evidence of student growth and ongoing needs to advocate for her students. Lori is an excellent mentor to student teachers and always finds the time to help a colleague in need: they feel strongly that she exemplifies the OCDSB’s ideals of innovation, caring, and creativity!

Lynn Dupuis

Principal, Carleton Heights Public School

As Principal of Carleton Heights Public School, Lynn has led with grace and dignity in times of significant challenge. She has facilitated the amalgamation of two school populations and managed major student growth each year, all while fostering an environment of care and connection. Lynn is an active listener, sharing wisdom that comes from her experiences as a parent, EA, and teacher. She is not afraid to think outside the box to solve problems, never losing sight of the importance of social-emotional wellbeing. She advocates passionately for at-risk populations, always considering how families will access information if English is not their first language, and always aware of the impact trauma can have on families. One of Lynn’s favourite sayings is, “We got this”, which reflects both her unwavering positive attitude and her belief that “we” are a team capable of making change together!

Elizabeth Dutton

Music Teacher, Merivale High School

Always a creative thinker, Elizabeth Dutton is the heart and soul of Merivale High School’s music program. She has nurtured the school band single-handedly, encouraged students to compete in Capital MusicFest, inspired community engagement, and more! Elizabeth regularly challenges her students to take on Broadway’s most challenging and exciting orchestrations, and her commitment to school musicals has fostered the integration of drama, audio, and visual arts so students can collaborate and learn from one another. Elizabeth even took the band program fully virtual during the pandemic: as students recorded their individual parts from home, she mastered a complex music mixing software to re-assemble them into one. Thanks to Elizabeth, students are incredibly dedicated to the music program, regularly contributing to music selection and rehearsing diligently. Elizabeth has ensured the student experience is rich and rewarding regardless of the restrictions of a global pandemic!

Dawn Fanjoy

Library Technician, Summerside Public School & Avalon Public School

Dawn Fanjoy is an innovative and hard-working Library Technician who is passionate about literacy, technology, and promoting a “maker mindset” among students and staff. It’s no surprise became a leader in the Makerspace club, teaching over 75 students to knit, sew, code, and create with technology! Dawn’s organizational skills, passion for reading, and love of children is exemplary. During the shift to remote learning in 2020 she created a virtual library for families to explore, shared ideas with other library technicians, and resumed her highly-anticipated classroom visits when students returned to school. Dawn’s final days at work were spent as a YouTube celebrity when her role went virtual for both in-person and OCV learning: whenever students saw her in the physical library, they were starstruck! Dawn works tirelessly to share ideas with everyone who has the pleasure of working with her. She has left an incredible legacy by instilling a true love for learning in students and educators all across the OCDSB!

Kevin Gardner

Manager of Finance, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

As the OCDSB’s Manager of Finance, Kevin’s work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been exemplary. He has led his team with accuracy and aptitude, helped make financial practices open and understandable to all, and worked closely with schools to clarify and simplify their accounting processes. At the start of the pandemic when many educators were concerned about their capacity to support students, Kevin ensured funding was available for the equipment and services they required. He has found innovative ways to lessen financial pressures on school budgets and liaise with the Ministry of Education: thanks to his leadership, the profile and the expertise of the OCDSB has increased even in shifting financial times. Kevin is supportive and insightful, leading his large and diverse team with openness and composure. His colleagues are grateful for the comfort of his unflappable demeanor and sense of humour!

Nicole Guthrie

Manager, Board Services, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

When the pandemic forced District sites to close in March 2020, Nicole Guthrie took quick action to ensure the work of the Board could continue without incident. She had only recently been appointed as Manager of Board Services, yet she facilitated the many challenges of shifting to virtual work seamlessly. She discovered innovative ways to use the existing eSCRIBE meeting platform to support virtual Board and Committee meetings, ensured compliance with District policies and procedures, and trained trustees and staff on the platform’s usage. She has kept her own team connected through weekly meetings and fun challenges, and continues to streamline virtual processes like pivoting to electronic voting at Board and Committee meetings and creating an online registration form for delegations. Nicole’s colleagues are grateful for her innovative thinking, enthusiasm, and incredible leadership!

Sharon Kelly

Human Resources Administrator, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Sharon Kelly excels at making meaningful connections and finding resources to fill the diverse needs of schools across the District. Her positive attitude and unique sense of humour can alleviate even the most stressful situations, and she always seems to have the right answer at the right time. Sharon makes herself available to help wherever needed, whether she is preparing programs for high school course handbooks or serving students with special needs through the Summer Learning Program. As the current Human Resources Administrator for EAs, she gracefully handles both the busy day-to-day staffing needs of all OCDSB schools and the ongoing search for employees or casual support staff to support the most vulnerable students. Sharon is a positive, dedicated professional who truly embodies the spirit of the OCDSB!

Tia Kubota

Educational Assistant, W.E Gowling Public School

Tia Kubota never fails to see and nurture the spark of motivation that exists within each student at W.E Gowling Public School, no matter how small it may be at first. As an educational assistant, Tia’s commitment to her students and exemplary positivity is an inspiration to staff and students alike. Tia is a compassionate problem-solver who consistently and enthusiastically demonstrates professionalism, care, kindness, and dependability in her work, ensuring no child is ever overlooked or forgotten. Her ability to see the best in others and help them overcome their personal obstacles makes her an incredible role model to her students and colleagues!

Nancy Levesque

Purchasing Administrator, Supply Chain Management

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Nancy Levesque has gone above and beyond to ensure students and staff are supplied with personal protective equipment (PPE). When schools began requesting hand sanitizer in early 2020—even though it was in short supply globally—Nancy was able to procure a product that was Health Canada approved, and source additional items like desk dividers and clear masks to support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH). There was great competition for the same products, but Nancy acquired what was needed quickly while also completing her many other duties. When the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services began procuring PPE for school boards, Nancy worked long hours in the warehouse to pick, pack, and distribute items to schools. Nancy is described by her colleagues as their “quiet yet diligent warrior”, having shown incredible dedication to keeping students and staff protected during these unprecedented times!

Tammy Moffatt

Library Technician, Manor Park Public School

Affectionately called “Miss Tammy”, Tammy Moffatt wears many hats at Manor Park Public School. While she is officially the school librarian, she also obtains grants, spearheads improvement projects, forms lasting community partnerships, and keeps school spaces organized. Tammy’s colleagues say she has a “magical” ability to connect with each student, feed their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and guide them in their quest for knowledge. Staff applaud her proactivity in researching books that celebrate diversity, identity, and culture so that every child sees themselves represented within the school library. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Tammy created an accessible library website, initiated virtual storytime (a highlight for teachers and students!), distributed technology, and developed a “mobile library” program to help students continue borrowing books. Tammy is admired and appreciated by all, and her vision and positive attitude have been transformative to her school community!

Alexander Molnar

Teacher, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School

Alexander Molnar’s broadcasting program at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School is celebrated throughout the OCDSB and beyond! The superior video productions he creates with students are critical to many school and community events, and have won a number of recognitions and awards over the years. Under Alexander’s leadership, students in his Comm Tech program have also live-streamed and filmed the annual youth conference at Carleton University in honour of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Mass Atrocities ever since it began in 2013. Alexander works hard to promote equity through his involvement in a Dual Credit program with Algonquin College, which exposes students to college level content, and his facilitation of videography workshops for underprivileged youth who are new to Canada. Alexander’s students and colleagues are extremely proud of his many accomplishments!

Leslie Mott

Grade 4/5 Teacher, DLL contact, Admin Designate, North Gower/Marlborough Public School

For over 20 years, Leslie Mott has led the way with her enthusiasm, dedication, creativity, and imagination. Leslie is always ready to have courageous, compassionate conversations and provides exceptional support to her students and their families. She avidly shares her passion with other educators, whether it’s through her Twitter account (@MrsMottandclass) or collaboration on best practices, strategy, and technology. Leslie continuously learns with and from her students, providing them with tools and giving them space and confidence to experiment and explore their ideas. A true testament to Leslie’s teaching is that her students have become outstanding leaders in their school! Leslie’s teaching encourages students to be goal-oriented, resilient, globally aware, collaborative, innovative, and digitally fluent. Her teaching fosters critical thinking, effective communication, and ethical decision-making and is an incredible role model for staff and students alike!

Andrea Morissette

Learning Support Teacher, Convent Glen Elementary School

Andrea Morissette works tirelessly to support the success and wellbeing of the students, families, and staff at Convent Glen Elementary School. Her positive, creative presence is a comfort to all, and her ability to form meaningful relationships in the school community has helped build a true culture of caring. Her innovative thinking creates opportunity for all students and removes barriers of access, especially for the most vulnerable learners. Andrea ensures students’ needs are always met, even when resources are pulled in many different directions. She demonstrates incredible leadership through her commitment to listening and strategizing with students, and works closely with parents to hear their perspectives and ensure family and school goals are aligned. She exemplifies what it means to be an educator and a Learning Support Teacher, and her input always leads to better teaching!

Arthur Morrison

Caretaker, Merivale High School

Arthur Morrison is a steady, hard working presence whose dependability has seen Merivale High School through many challenges and changes. He is endlessly patient and positive, and the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff is always his top priority. Nothing phases Arthur, whether it’s a squirrel in the building or an overflowing water fountain. If you were to ask a Merivale student who they think of first in connection with their school, they would answer, “Arthur!”. His influence is such that most students know him by name, and truly enjoy his company. Older students will coach younger ones to clean up after themselves out of respect for Arthur, and he once received a standing ovation when he spoke at an assembly about caring for the school space. Arthur demonstrates incredible compassion, visiting grieving families outside of school, sitting in the front row each year at graduation, and making a lasting impression on students. He is a fixture of the Merivale school community!

Denise Natyshak

Library Technician, Sawmill Creek School & Blossom Park School

In her role as a Library Technician, Denise Natyshak shows an incredible dedication to student learning. Between her daily staff emails showcasing new books and her expert curation of inclusive and relevant materials, Denise’s commitment to a positive and equitable learning environment is evident. During the shift to remote learning, “Storytime with Ms. Natyshak” became a weekly highlight for both staff and students! Denise continues to amaze her colleagues with her organizational skills, whether it’s her specially tailored book bin system or the incredible fundraising work she does to ensure students always have access to the latest books. Denise’s enthusiasm inspires a love for reading and creativity, especially through her annual art contest: students always look forward to seeing their artwork displayed in the library and hallways of Sawmill Creek. She takes the time to learn each student’s name and will always stop whatever she is doing to answer a question or recommend a book!

Marnie Patterson

Principal, Manor Park Public School

As Principal of Manor Park Public School, Marnie Patterson truly embodies imagination, enthusiasm and professionalism. She is always searching for creative and innovative ways to support student success! In each of her assignments, which have included RAISE, French Immersion, and multi-track schools, Marnie has led key initiatives that foster student achievement and wellbeing. Marnie has deep respect for her colleagues and supports career-long learning, empowering them to try new instructional strategies, work more collaboratively, and think differently. She also applies these objectives to herself, which is evident in her self-directed learning on Dr. David Tranter’s “The Third Path”. She even worked with Dr. Tranter and co-developed professional learning sessions for staff and Principals, and has engaged central staff at all levels to share the improvements in student learning she has observed at her school. She is an innovative thinker and an excellent mentor to her peers!

Laura Tanner

Assistant Office Administrator, Lisgar Collegiate Institute

Laura is a dedicated, supportive, and humble leader, always greeting staff and students with a smile! She exemplifies kindness, compassion, and perseverance and is committed to serving the school community through her versatility, readiness to share technical skills, and support for colleagues all across the school district. As the Assistant Office Administrator at Lisgar Collegiate Institute, Laura finds solutions before they become problems: her knowledge of school processes, Trillium expertise, and attention to detail are truly admirable. When a technical challenge arises, Laura is always approachable and is the first and only person one would need to call for help! Laura is a selfless professional who takes on tremendous responsibility in the school, a testament to her dedication as an OCDSB employee, colleague and friend!

Angela Thompson

Office Administrator, CHEO School

In her 30 years with the OCDSB, Angela “Angie” Thompson has shown true dedication to her work as an Office Administrator. She works hard to create a safe, positive, and welcoming environment, always has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on at school, and takes great joy in celebrating student achievements. In her role at J.H. Putman, students in the Behaviour Intervention Program made daily trips to the office to pick up one of “Mrs. Thompson’s fruits”: they were no different than the fruit in the classroom, but students knew Mrs. Thomson would always ask how they were doing and make them feel like they were an important part of her day! In her current role at CHEO School, Angie develops meaningful relationships with students and learns their interests so she can surprise them with special stickers. Angie continuously makes outstanding contributions to ensure the success of all students, no matter what they need!

Amy Tremblay

Guidance Counsellor, Head of ELD, ESL, First Nations, Metis and Inuit Studies & Library, Gloucester High School

Amy Tremblay is an incredible teacher, mentor, and department head who treats her staff as though they are family. She is positive and solution-focused, using her quiet confidence to support students, parents, and educators in even the most difficult or complex situations. Amy is committed to equity, inclusion and amplifying student voices, advocating passionately for the most vulnerable students and families using a culturally proficient lens. With her unique understanding of humanity and ability to make people feel valued and heard, she is the definition of a student-centered practitioner. Her creativity has transformed ELD instruction and programming, where she works alongside students to create individualized learning experiences that help them achieve their goals. Amy is a true treasure to the OCDSB, and her colleagues are thrilled to recognize her hard work!

Rob Venturino

Chief Custodian, York Street Public School

In the words of his colleagues, Rob can only be described as “the heartbeat of York Street Public School”. Rob is a collaborator and problem-solver with a remarkable work ethic, always going above and beyond to help staff ensure their classrooms are clean, welcoming, inclusive, and safe. Rob was instrumental in redesigning York Street’s schoolyard, creating a much more usable playground, sports field, and outdoor volleyball court. His thoroughness, attention to detail, compassion, and desire to aim high have been a huge benefit to the health and safety of students and staff. Rob has even taken on a mentorship role with students at the school, where he enjoys connecting with young learners and helping them learn and grow. Rob is a strong leader for his crew who leads by impeccable example!

Melanie White

Teacher, Nepean High School

Melanie White isn’t afraid to disrupt the systems that attempt to discriminate against others because of the colour of their skin! She actively encourages educators and others to work to create an anti-racist society, empower those who have been disadvantaged, listen and learn, and step back so that others can step forward. Melanie is committed to making school material accessible, always celebrating the brilliance and potential of her students. She never looks for recognition: she instead seeks new ways to support people in their anti-racist efforts, whether through her educator book clubs, radio programming, social media engagement, or in feedback from inspired students. She is unwavering and truly exemplifies the type of equity and anti-racist work that must be done to achieve quality education for all!

Sarah Wright

Lead Teacher, ELD Program, Gloucester High School

For the past 20 years, Sarah Wright has been integral to the English Literacy Development (ELD) programs at Rideau High School and Gloucester High School. Her dedication to her students is evident from the moment you enter her classroom and get a glimpse of the magic she is able to create! Sarah expertly develops an inclusive space where students feel a sense of belonging and community and feel their voices are being heard, which empowers them to build confidence and take responsibility for their learning. She is also a great support to her colleagues both in and out of the classroom: her collaborative spirit creates exciting learning opportunities for students past, present and future, and she readily embraces the use of new technologies and teaching techniques. She goes out of her way to ensure students have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed, and her continued positivity and passion for learning are inspirational to everyone around her!

Employee Recognition Awards

Excellence in Equity Award

Sabrin Saraj

Registered Early Childhood Educator, Hilson Avenue Public School

Sabrin is a champion of diversity at Hilson Avenue Public School and in the community. She shares her love of inclusive children’s literature by recommending and loaning books from her personal library. Sabrin’s Kindergarten classroom is filled with representation, opportunity, and access. She promotes discussions about anti-racism, racialized communities, and social-emotional thinking. Sabrin sits on the board of Parents for Diversity, is a member of their education committee, and manages their Diversity Library. She shares resources on anti-oppressive teaching and culturally responsive education that push staff to critically assess their own biases. Sabrin created the Hilson Affinity Group for racialized students, is a member of her union’s education committee, and marches proudly with the OCDSB in the Ottawa Pride Parade.

Health & Safety Award

John Corrente

Phys Ed Teacher, Canterbury High School

John has gone above and beyond his role as a teacher to initiate numerous initiatives for the betterment of all staff and students. He has been extremely creative in designing socially distanced activities for the classroom. He produces a monthly YouTube video of “Safe and Healthy Canterbury” activities, and he has created and shared videos and infographics to remind students about COVID safety and healthy habits. John also offered a “Christmas Service In A Gift Bag” to anyone in school during COVID. Throughout his time at Canterbury, he has led school-wide SPARK activities focusing on physical exercise, organized a regular Teacher Busker Festival for the Education Foundation, organized Staff vs. Student sports challenges to increase morale and camaraderie, coached numerous sports teams, and coordinated charitable campaigns.

Technology Excellence Award

Grace Vigneron

Teacher-Librarian, Canterbury High School

Grace Vigneron has shown outstanding leadership and commitment to technology initiatives at Canterbury High School. She has transformed the Teacher-Librarian role, which has had an extremely positive impact on digital literacy and many other aspects of the school. Grace has shown a true belief in the power of technology, which is evident through her seamless coordination of video productions and virtual events, her creation of online resources, her provision of tech support for in-person and virtual learning, her continued expansion of the school’s online library, and more. She has been a great strength to student mental health by providing a safe space in the library, promoting equity through her curation of resources that feature diverse voices, identities, and perspectives. Grace is compassionate, resourceful, empathetic, and collaborative, a true wealth of knowledge who always ensures students can learn with the technology they need!

Innovation Award

Kelly Anderson

Teacher, West Carleton Secondary School

Kelly is always exploring amazing new concepts and ideas for her class. She regularly shares tips and resources with colleagues, supporting them in implementing initiatives that range from escape rooms to course design. Taking the time to innovate during COVID is impressive, but taking the time to innovate, share, and inspire others to step up is noteworthy.

Mentoring Award

Dawn Fanjoy

Library Technician, Avalon Public School and Summerside Public School

Dawn is a very experienced Library Technician who stepped up and took a leadership role, becoming a mentor for many of her colleagues. She organized online meetings, mastered Bitmoji classrooms, and was ready to help her colleagues at any time. The Google Meets became a very helpful resource for Library Technicians, and they would not have happened without Dawn's leadership. Dawn is retiring, and her presence will be greatly missed by the Library Technicians in our board. Her leadership and mentoring has been unmatched.

Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award

Linda Young

Learning Resource Teacher, Vimy Ridge Public School

Linda has worked with special education students throughout her teaching career whether as an LRT, ESL lead, LD teacher or regular English program teacher. This year, she was faced with a special challenge - teaching behaviour intervention program students virtually. She needed to be creative in order to develop relationships with these students and their families without meeting them in person. She worked hard to get to know her students and motivate them by catering her lessons to their interests. She consistently advocated for these students by exploring ways to integrate virtually, finding books of interest and arranging delivery, and seeking their input in school initiatives such as the creation of the school’s land acknowledgement.


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