The Story of my Hero´s

My hero’s are a huge impact in my life ever since i was a little kid.The names of my hero’s are Adelibia Ramon and Juan Pascual. My name comes from my dad side.They are both my parents. My parents are from Guatemala en Santa Eulalia Departamento de Huehuetenango. I interviewed my parents because I look up to them, they are very hard workers and they motivate me to do well in school. They never give up and i believe i shouldn’t neither in school. All the struggles they have they always somehow have a solution, they keep me surprise every time i wish i can a person like them.

My dad had no childhood, he had to work at age 7. My mom growing up didn’t have everything. She struggled with clothing,food, housing and money. My grandpa didn’t give everything she wanted and needed. My grandpa was an alcoholic during my mom childhood. Both of my parents had to sacrifice their happiness with there two siblings they left behind. My dad struggled coming to the u.s he had stopped many times but he didnt give up because he had his mind to set to come to the u.s and work to earn money and send it to Guatemala.

My parents both work hard they earn money. My parents always had the idea to have a good house to live in and they do. They achieved to give us their siblings a better life they had when they were a child. They supports us in school or also in sports. My parents give their time to spends it with us, because they didn't spend much time with their parents when they were a child. My parents send me to good path. They came to the u.s to give me and my brothers a better life. I feel that they have made my life great by helping me be successful in school and outside of school.

My parents influence me to work hard and try my best at what i set my mind into. They motivate me to move on and never give up. Their never a time when i hear or see them given up. They motivate me to do my best in school because they want me to be someone in life. Everything they have done for me as a child was really great and now when i grow up i want to support them for whatever they need. They have taught me to be a successful person and do what right. They motivate me to keep on going and not look back into the bad things. They influence me to keep on working hard.

Growing up they didn't have much support. I learn that my dad didn't go to school much, he dropped out at 4th grade. My dad had to work instead of going of school. My mom didn't have a good home. Growing up she didn't have a lot of food or clothing. Her family didn't have money, she couldn't buy her school supplies. I also learned that i wasn't the first child, i have two other older sisters in Guatemala. I learn that my parents left behind their other siblings in Guatemala.

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Thomas Juan


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