TAKE A TECH-BREAK! SANTA LAURENSIA 7G, Andrea, lauren, garrie, yano, russel

With the rapid growth of technology, it has changed the way, and how long people spend time on their devices.

So why technology?

Technology can be a great source rich with information, it can entertain, one can stay updated with the newest trends and news, and also you can communicate with others in a faster and more effective way, such as e-mails and text messages.

But there are downsides to it...

It may lead to poor eyesight, procrastination or laziness, and sometimes we even spend too much yotime on our gadgets, we forget to spend time with the people around us including family, friends and many more. This can cause relationships to drift apart or turn bad.

How can we fix this?

Fixing and preventing these issues are may take time, but are simple to do! Simply find a balance between the time you spend with and without technology, or even limit it by taking Tech-Breaks.

What are Tech-Breaks?

Going on Tech-Breaks are times when one leaves technology behind, and instead spends more time with friends and family, have more face to face conversations by throwing gatherings, reunions, or even something simple like going on a walk. The possibilities to what one can do on Tech-Breaks are endless! This may seem impossible to do for some, but trust us it is just as fun as the times you spend with technology!
Another way is by joining clubs which enrich hobbies and interests such as After-School Clubs! They are a great way to take Tech-Breaks since you are doing what you love and will end up enjoying it, probably even more than the times you spend with any device! There are many different after-school clubs to choose from like sports, singing, cooking, drama and more! Not only can you take tech-breaks and improve your skills, but also meet new people who have the same interests as you!

We are not saying you should step away from technology for good. In this modern era we live it, it is hard not to live without them. However, finding a balance of the time you spend with and without it can definitely change the way you live for good.

So what are you waiting for? Start your tech-breaks today!


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