Alternate Powered Vehicle By akshay konudula

Question#1:Investigate and create a list of power sources that could be used to power a vehicle or some other device, ensure you consider a wide range of options

Chemical power, solar power, water power, wind power, and magnet Power, these are the possible options for creating a energy powered vehicle

Chemical power
Magnet power
Solar power
Water energy
Wind power

Question#2:Choose one of the folllowing , explain how this form of power could be harnessed to provide a vehicle with an alternative Powered Sources ,commmunicate this is an paragraph response

I think my vehicle is going to be solar powered by solar panels because it is easier, then the battery power vehicle because for it you have to keep on changing the batteries when it dies out. For the magnet power vehicle, the magnet might wear off for one of them so you would have to eventually change the magnet. Also if you run out of water then you would have to go and get some more power. If there is no wind then it won't generate any energy, and I know you would be asking me what if there is no sun. So when there is sun it generates as much energy as it can, so it will last more than a couple of days with no sun.

Question 3: Describe your proposed alternate Powered vehicle , include photos , videos and relevant diagrams

Using solar powered vehicle means that we are constantly reducing global warming, by not using coals and petrol and by using the sun's rays which is generated to some sort of fuel or energy which makes the vehicle work. Also because it requires very low maintanance and it requires no expense for fuel all it needs is the sun

Question 4: Analyse and evaluate your design and design process using a SWOT analysis.

This is my swot analysis that include all the strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats

Question 5: Develop an action plan for creating your alternate Powered vehicle, this can be presented in flow chart form.


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