La Hora mala "The bad hour"

My parents always told their children what their parents had taught them. And well my grandparents taught my parents that once the bad hour commenced, all were to be asleep. Especially the children for at the bad hour all the bad things came out to play, hence the name.

La hora mala strikes at 12 and ends at 2 in the morning. Not a lot you may think. Only 2 hours you may think. But a lot can happen in two hours. La hora mala includes all the childish folktales that most Hispanic parents used to keep their children in check. From the Llorona, to el coo-coey, to la chaneca. All came out during the bad hour.

It is said that during la hora mala not only do you childhood nightmares come out but so does the devil. You never know who it is for it is said that he can take on the form of a dog or a cat even your own mother. All you hear as warning that he is coming are the howls of the dogs and cries of the cats.

"Pray my children, it will soon be over" but how does a child fall asleep knowing that there are bad things out there? Well you see theres a catch. In order for nothing to happen to you, you HAVE to be asleep. The air gets chilly, and you suddenly get goosebumps, the clocks all strike twelve. Good night for the bad hour has begun.

Created By
Jessenia Rodriguez


Created with images by ~ Arjuna ~ - "Troubling skies" • ~ Arjuna ~ - "Troubling skies" • SFB579 Namaste - "Ye Old Wakefield Street" • Dusty J - "Rue de Bièvre ~ Paris, France" • Luke Peterson Photography - "St Michael, The Archangel Chapel - Rookwood Necropolis"

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