Triet Bui Recipient of the AD Sobel Scholar Trainee Travel Award

Triet Bui, BS

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

“Neutrophils Promote Non-Homologous End-Joining (NHEJ)-mediated Survival of Tumor Cells in Inflammation-driven Tumorigenesis”

It has been an absolute honor for me to receive the Sobel Award 2018 from ASIP during my early years as a graduate students.

The award is the initial recognition of my research efforts and of my passion to contribute to our quest of dissecting the complex story of tumor evolution. Personally and emotionally, the award highly inspires me to take my research and career motives to a new height. My PI was the Sobel award recipient of the year 2012, and here I repeat the cycle by becoming the recipient of year 2018.

This achievement indeed solidifies my decision to become an independent researcher like my mentor and carry on the legacy under the guidance of ASIP.

I believe that this year experience at PISA2018 will expand my scientific outlooks and serve as a turning point for my career. One again, I cannot describe how honored I am to be recognized by ASIP, by our forerunner scientists, and by my fellow researchers.

Join Triet and ASIP to build your national reputation.

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Gina LaBorde

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