Central Dogma Mikayla roark


Protein Synthesis


  • DNA- Contains genetic information for all living things and be long-term storage of the information
  • mRNA- RNA molecules that transport genetic information from DNA to the ribosome
  • tRNA- Decodes the mRNA into a protein used by the ribosome and matches codons with the amino acid it codes for
  • rRNA- Associates with proteins to make ribosome and moves with the mRNA to assemble amino acids into protein chains

DNA Replication


DNA Helicase- enzyme that "unzips" hydrogen bonds

  1. Helicase cuts hydrogen bonds and separates DNA

2. Proteins attach to both halves of DNA and keep them separated

3. Polymerase move along DNA attaching free floating nucleotides to open strands

4. Rezips and recoils


Creating mRNA for DNA and takes place in nucleus

1. DNA unzips at the needed gene

2. RNA matched free floating nucleotides to form mRNA

3. DNA zips up and mRNA leaves

Codons- Set of three bases found on an mRNA that match for a specific amino acid


Reading the mRNA to chain together amino acids and occurs in the cytoplasm

1. rRNA attached to mRNA

2. tRNA attaches to the start codon

3. mRNA goes to next codon and new tRNA arrives

4. New tRNA replaces used tRNA

5. Stop codon arrives, protein released, and mRNA dissolves

Compliments of DNA

A <-----> T C <------>G

Compliments of mRNA

A <------> U T <------> A C <------> G

Compliments of tRNA

A <------> U C <------> G

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