Twinchie Trio

Here are the supplies I used for the twinchies.

Add some what tape to the twinchie bases and then give everything except the inner shapes from the square piece a coat of gesso.

Spray the inner pieces with black ink. I didn't end up using these, but I've kept them for another project.

Twinchie 1:

Colour the base with Watercolour pens, blending with a water brush.

Stamp onto the background using another watercolour pen for the ink,

Colour this piece with the pen used to stamp. Apply more layers until you are happy with the look. Blend with fingertip.

Stamp on the top of the ink.

Twinchie 2:

Colour the base with one colour, then colour the square with another one.

Colour 3 inner pieces with pen.

Twinchie 3:

Colour the last base with watercolour pen and use the water brush to make an oval shape in the middle. Dab with a tissue to remove the ink. Repeat until you get the centre almost clear.

Colour the larger pieces with pen as before. Use more layers of pen for depth.

Use 2 smaller pieces from the inside of the twinchie tops and colour to make eyes.

*note - sadly, the eyes don't look so clear at the end*

Doodle on the pieces with white and black pens.

Give these pieces a coat of Liquid Glass and stick the 3 pieces on so they dry stuck.

*note - watercolour pens + Liquid Glass = blurred ink!*

The clue was in the word 'liquid' *rolls eyes*

Once everything is dry, attach them to the bases and add words, a heart and some twine.

I attached mine to an MDF base to send back to Di as a sample for the Hochanda shows.