CPDD 2019 81st Annual Scientific Meeting Recap June 15 - 19, 2019 - San Antonio, TX

The 81st Annual Scientific Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Inc. was held at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio, Texas, from June 15-19. We had 1071 attendees, including 474 members and 565 non-members, representing 33 countries across the globe. After the US, the next largest number of attendees came from Canada (29), Australia (16), and Thailand (11). The meeting space at this venue was outstanding, the food was very good, and the hotel layout allowed for many networking opportunities. The opening reception on Saturday evening was on the lawn outside of the hotel lobby and the temperature felt comfortable, assisted by a great breeze.

Opening Reception
A beautiful night with friends, family, & colleagues

On Sunday morning, the meeting commenced with opening remarks by President Meg Haney, followed by presentations from Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of NIDA, on "Drug Abuse and Addiction Research: Progress, Priorities and Challenges," and Dr. George Koob, Director of NIAAA, entitled "A Heuristic Framework for Understanding the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders." The presentation of a number of awards followed. The Holtzman Travel Award for Preclinical Investigators, was presented to Dr. Jacques Nguyen, who was introduced by Dr. Michael Taffe. The 2019 CPDD/NIDA Media Award was given to Elaine McMillon Sheldon for her movie, "Heroin(e)," which was shown during the meeting. Ms. Sheldon was introduced by Dr. Meg Chisolm. The Martin & Toby Adler Distinguished Service Award was presented to Mr. Charles O’Keeffe for his many years of service to CPDD and Friends of NIDA. Executive Officer Dr. Loretta Finnegan introduced the award. Next was the Joseph Cochin Young Investigator Award, which was presented to Dr. Stephen Kohut by Dr. Scott Lukas. The Mentorship Award was presented to Dr. Linda Cottler by Dr. Catherine Woodstock Striley. Following those presentations, Dr. Finnegan introduced the recipient of the Innovator Award, Dr. Bertha Madras, who is the discoverer of phenyltropine analogs of cocaine as exceptionally valuable dopamine transporter probes that revolutionized brain imaging of the dopamine system. This year’s Nathan B. Eddy Award Recipient was Dr. Maxine Stitzer for her many achievements over a long research career. Dr. Stitzer, who was introduced by Dr. Eric Strain, gave the award lecture entitled, "My Brilliant Career: Behavioral Pharmacology, Contingency Management and More."

Left, Dr. Nora Volkow, top right, Dr. George Koob, bottom right, Dr. Meg Haney.
Left to right, top to bottom - Dr. Jacques Nguyen & Dr. Michael Taffe; Ms. Elaine McMillon-Sheldon & Dr. Meg Chisolm; Mr. Charles O'Keefe; Dr. Stephen Kohut & Dr. Scott Lukas; Dr. Catherine Woodstock-Striley & Dr. Linda Cottler; Dr. Eric Strain & Dr. Maxine Stitzer; Dr. Bertha Madras & Dr. Loretta Finnegan

The first of 4 poster sessions took place with lunch on Sunday after the Plenary.

Dr. Erin Winstanley and Dr. Bill Stoops checking out a poster session

Following the posters was the President’s Symposium on "The Impact of Tobacco Use on Substance Use Disorders." The speakers were Drs. Meg Haney, Renee Goodwin, Amir Levine, and Jennifer Tidey.

Left to Right - Drs. Renee Goodwin, Amir Levine, Jennifer Tidey

On Sunday, the first of 2 late-breaking research sessions, the first of 26 oral communications sessions, and the first 3 of 19 symposia. Some changes in our general program format were the inclusion of scheduled coffee breaks, which seemed to be well received by the post-prandial-slumping crowd. Another 5 concurrent sessions followed, including a symposium dedicated to the memory of former CPDD member Dr. Nancy Petry. The evening activities began with the CPDD/NIDA Networking Event for pre- and post-doc trainees and was followed by the first 5 of 12 workshops.

Monday morning began with a breakfast poster session, which was followed by more of the oral communications and symposia. Over the lunch break, 3 forums were held: Animal Research, Human Research, and the Town Hall sponsored by the Industry/Government/Academia Relations Committee. A luncheon for the recipients of the CPDD Young Investigator and Force Travel Awards was held.

Left - Dr. Mary Jeanne Kreek at the travel awards luncheon

The afternoon programming started with the Marian Fischman Award Lecture. Dr. Hendree Jones was the recipient of the 2019 Award. After an introduction by Dr. Michelle Lofwall, Dr. Jones presented her lecture on "Walking in the Wisdom of Women."

Left - L to R Drs. Michelle Lofwall, Meg Haney, Hendree Jones, Right - Dr. Hendree Jones giving Fischman Lecture
Primm-Singleton Awards Reception

The Primm Singleton Reception, recognizing outstanding young scientists from under-represented populations was a great success. Symposia and oral communications rounded out the day’s presentations.

On Tuesday morning, a group of attendees volunteered to participate in an outreach event at St. Judes Ranch for Children, a non-profit organization that cares for children and families who have been affected by trauma, abuse and neglect, and have been removed from their homes by the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Our Hardworking Outreach Volunteers at St. Judes Ranch for Children

The Media Forum highlighting Hot Topics at this year’s meeting, and the Policy Forum updating us on news from Capitol Hill, Friends of NIDA and the HEAL Initiative were also held in the morning. Prior to a poster session lunch additional symposia and oral communications were scheduled. In the afternoon, a second late-breaking session occurred, along with more of the symposia and oral communications.

The CPDD Members’ Business Meeting followed. At the meeting, elections were held for representatives of the Fellows and Regular Members to the Nominating Committee. Elected were Dr. Linda Porrino and Dr. Jennifer Tidey for the Fellows; Dr. Qiana Brown and Dr. Wendy Lynch for the Regular Members. Plaques were presented to retiring Board members, Drs. Patrick Beardsley, Kathleen Carroll, Marilyn Carroll, and Jennifer Tidey, for their terms of service. Incoming President Dr. Elise Weerts presented outgoing President Dr. Meg Haney, her plaque and a gift in recognition of her term as President.

Top Left - President Meg Haney and Executive Officer Dr. Loretta Finnegan lead the business meeting, Bottom Left to Right - Drs. Jennifer Tidey, Meg Haney, Kathleen Carroll, Meg Haney, Right Drs. Elise Weerts, Meg Haney. Hand sculptured vase by Garcia Art Glass.

Tuesday evening presented an opportunity for those not attending either of the 2 remaining workshops to explore the Riverwalk using the hotel-provided shuttles. Later in the evening a dessert reception and choice of music venue — jazz or a DJ and dancing — was enjoyed by the attendees.

Dinner and Dancing

Wednesday’s program began with a breakfast poster session, followed by a few more symposia and oral communications. The ever-popular Brunch with Champions allowed younger attendees to chat with more seasoned members about career advice, their research, or other topics while enjoying a meal together. This year’s champions were Drs. Jim Anthony, Marcel Bonn-Miller, Anna Rose Childress, Sandy Comer, Kelly Dunn, Ivan Montoya, Brian Thomas, and Geoffrey Mumford.

Brunch with Champions
Left column - Our Brunch attendees, Right column - Our Champions, Top to Bottom - Drs. Jim Anthony, Marcel Bonn-Miller, Anna Rose Childress, Sandy Comer, Kelly Dunn, Ivan Montoya, Brian Thomas, Geoffrey Mumford

After lunch, the last of the sessions occurred. This was followed by the 2019 CPDD Sweepstakes Drawing. Attendees were eligible to participate in a number of interesting drawings, large or small, inexpensive or inexpensive, serious or funny. Free meeting registration for 2020 was awarded to Dr. Gerardo Gonzalez; a 2-night stay at the Diplomat in Hollywood, FL during the 2020 Meeting was won by Dr. Kenner Rice, and free dues for 1 year went to Dr. Chelsea Shover. Other prizes went to a number of lucky winners. Winners of the Twitter competition were Drs. Tabitha Moses and Payel Roy. Congratulations to all!

Sweepstakes Drawing
Left - Dr. Bill Stoops, 2016 - 2019 Program Chair & Dr. Loretta Finnegan, Executive Officer, Right - Ms. Ellen Geller, Director of the Executive Office & Dr. Loretta Finnegan

We hope you enjoyed the 2019 meeting in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. Please fill out the survey so that we have your suggestions in order to make any improvements in our meeting. Looking forward to seeing you next year at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL, June 20-24, 2020.