changing my life (stroke story) By Sophie Husband

My Kindergarten year started off like a typical kid. I learned how to write the ABC’s. I played with my friends and did arts and crafts. However that all changed one sunny day. When I was 5 years old I had a stroke at the after school program at the YMCA. At the YMCA I was at the playground then I had to go to the ladies room. I suddenly collapsed and had a seizure. Then some teachers called 911. They took me to Hasbro children's hospital. I was in different hospitals for months with my mother. She and many nurses and doctors took care of me for months in hospitals.

When I got out of the hospital I worried my childhood had become rough for me. A lot of people asked my mom “what happened to your daughter”? My mom would have to tell them I had a stroke. I remember thinking people would think i'm different from them and that I won’t be able to do things they can do. They are wrong I can do most things. Maybe I can’t do backflips or most athletic things but I can dance and do some activities. Sometimes I would think kids at my age wouldn’t get strokes only old people would get them and only they would do physical therapy of occupational therapy but some kids in this world can get strokes it’s tough for kids and adult that get strokes some die and some stay alive. Usually people with strokes do things in life that they thought they couldn’t do and most of those people thought they needed to change something about them.

People who have had strokes shouldn’t feel depressed because strokes can happen to babies,kids,adults,and seniors don’t blame yourself and if people say you're different don’t listen to them everybody is different in many ways just be yourself. Some people might say i’m different but I feel like everybody else I feel like I fit in just as well as everybody else.

As years have passed people have treated me well as they treat everyone else And some of the kids at my school have had strokes,cancer, etc.. and my friends really respect me and that makes me happy and even if some of people had something tragic in their childhood they shouldn’t feel depressed or mad about it you just have to deal with it and don’t give up do all you can to conquer it fight back you can do anything in this world just do your best I know you can do anything.

My stroke did effect some things in my life but I’ve tried my best and I’ve gotten so much better with my hand and now I can more things than I used to. Now in 2017 I have more mobility in my hand because I have a metal rod in my hand which makes my wrist straight but I can move my fingers so I can do more now I’m so happy I’ve gotten this far in my life and I hope this story will inspire other and make them think they are special and my life has been crazy but I’ve gotten so far in my life and improved every single day I hope you’ve enjoyed and thank you all for listening.

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