climate change Javier Cabrera Suárez

Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time.

A power plant is an installation capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The main sources of energy are water, gas, uranium, wind and solar energy.

A nuclear power plant is an industrial facility built to generate electricity from nuclear power. The operation of a nuclear power plant is based on the use of heat to move a turbine by the action of water vapor. This procesos produce radiation.

thermal power station

Conventional thermal power stations: fossil fuel (coal, fuel oil or gas) is burned in a crater to generate heat energy that is used to generate water vapor.

Biomass or municipal solid waste (MSW) plants

Biomass or municipal solid waste (MSW) plants: they use the same electrical generation as a conventional thermal power station. The only difference is the fuel used in the crater, which comes from our waste. Biomass can be classified into three main groups: natural biomass, residual biomass, produced biomass.


Hydroelectric power plants: the water of a natural or artificial current, the effect of an unevenness, acts on the blades of a hydraulic turbine.

the force of the wind

The wind farm is an electric power plant where the production of electric energy is obtained from the force of the wind, by means of wind turbines that take advantage of the air currents.

Solar thermal power plants

Solar thermal power plants: the energy of the Sun heats a fluid that transforms into vapor another second fluid, which drives the turbine-alternator that gets the rotary movement and this generate electricity.


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