WW1 Trench Warfare Necessary Survival Kit Created By: Christopher Wahl

Gas Mask

The Gas Mask is a necessary tool for survival as you could get gassed by the enemy. These had small bags attached to them so you could breathe air instead of chlorine or mustard gas. These were bid masks covered in chemicals that were easily broken until the British made newer ones (Trueman).

Entrenching Tool

The Entrenching Tool is important because you could dig yourself a good spot, and the are collapsible when not in use ("Entrenching Tool"). This tool is important for survival so you could dig a hole in the ground and make it a trench so you won't get shot. That is why the Entrenching Tool is important to have.

Steel Helmet

The Steel Helmet is a very important item to have. The steel helmet was invented and fielded in response to increased lethality on the battlefield due to advances in artillery and fragmentation (Watanabe). World War I witnessed the first wide-spread use of the steel helmet, which remains a signature piece of equipment in modern warfare (Watanabe).


Bayonets are very helpful, especially when in close combat ("Bayonets"). They were used to spear the enemy and keep allies unharmed ("Bayonets"). Essentially, this is just a knife connected to the end of a rifle ("Bayonets").


Ammunition is very important so you can actually shoot the enemy with your rifles. The more ammunition, the better, so you can protect. Any ammunition is good, from grenades to large caliber bullets ("Ammunition").

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Created By
Christopher Wahl

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