The History of Soccer By: Michael kunka and Zack Harsh

China Men Playing Soccer
English Men Playing Soccer

Soccer can be traced all the way back 2,000 years to ancient China. The sport began its popularity in England where the first ever recorded contest was held during the eleventh century. During the Danish invasion, excavating workers found a Danish soilders head and started to kick it, "Kick the Danish Head," this is where they got the idea of using an inflated cow bladder. During the twelve century, King Henry the second banned "football" because it disrupted village life. It was later legalized in 1603 by King James the First when soccer was an english folk custom.

The Diffusion of Soccer

The transformation of Soccer(Football) from an English folk custom to global popular culture began in the 1800s. Soccer(Football) and other recreational clubs were founded in the United Kingdom, frequently by churches, to provide factory workers with organized recreation during leisure hours. With higher incomes, spectators paid to see first class events. To meet public demand, soccer clubs began to hire professional players. British citizens further diffused the game throughout the worldwide British empire(relocation diffusion). Beginning with South Asia and Africa the sport diffused to the Americas, and then the rest of the world.

The distribution of Soccer

Soccer became most popular in Europe, and then it found its way to South Asia and Africa where the sport has high density. Later it was distributed to South America, through British ships, where the sport is extremely popoular. South America then brought Soccer to North America where soccer is now very dense. With this popularity the sport distributed throughout the rest of the world, through these countries, with small popularity in some countries due to other sports more popular in the country/region and economic challenges.

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