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I think multimedia is about making objects using technology. I think we will learn about a lot of ways we can use technology to do a lot of things. We are gonna make characters, websites, games and a lot more in this semester.
This is a picture where the sun is in the middle of two egg shells. the photo is from pinterest. I do not know who the artist is.
This surreal image is called Fishy Island. It was made by Eric Johansson. it was made 2009.
This image was created by Vladimir KushIt. It shows that how we treat trees badly because we cut them down for our uses.
This is a image that we split in to 3 pieces. I did the head and 2 other did the body and legs. I drew Archie Mitchell's head on my one. Josh drew a body with one long hand one short hand. Jess drew a skirt with elephant legs.
My first is a marshmallow head, a toast body, human arms and chicken legs.
My second image is a television head, a keyboard body, chicken legs for the legs and i used a marker to draw the hands and the face.
My third image is a Ripper Co hat, a Tanner Fox head, a red Kovu shirt, a white pair of Dickies pants and a pair of vans shoes.

In Photoshop i enjoyed making my own creatures and putting random objects together. I found cropping and making pictures work well together. My favorite tool is the quick selection tool because it allows you remove to background of food, animals and so much more.


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