Barn and Raised

The first time I met her, she was innocent and independent. Her rain boots kicked up dust and curiosity. She poked me and leaned on me, even inspected my insides. I thought I was nothing, empty and stale. But she thought different, I was her life and her love.

Although I was physically empty, I was emotionally filled. I was her home. She came to me when the sun went down too quickly and she was scared to go to bed. She came to me when she got in trouble. She knew I never yelled at her. I just let her words fill my walls.

Even when life seemed dull, she brought a spark to me. The seasons of life are tough to bear, but I was glad I could shelter her from them.

She went away for awhile. She was angry, confused, a teenager. Her mind was hazy as she struggled to "find herself". I was dead without her...until she restored me. A few years after the accident, which she never told me about, she came back. She came back to me.

Determined like I've never seen her before, she emptied out my clutter. She gave me more support, more light, and more spunk than I'd ever had before. She filled me with life and hope and happiness. She was so proud of me that she showed me off to everybody she knew. I was a little jealous because it used to just be her and I but I was glad to be filled. Many nights they danced into days. Their heels clicked, the music rang, and their laughter never ceased.

It was then that we journeyed together. She came to see me all the time, always talking about something. I watched all her big life events flash before my eyes. She grew up, one big event at a time. Her graduation day and celebration afterwards were so bright and cheery, but I was sad knowing that my little girl was going off on her own.

She came back to me one last time, so we could finish our story. I was so honored to be a part of the best day of her life. She smiled at me, satisfied and still so independent. She had prepared for this moment. All of the tears that spilled on me, the dirt she trudged in, and stories she sang to my listening ears all lead to this moment. She walked out of those doors, her husband was now her go-to man. I was empty again.

I gave her life. She gave me mine.


Created with images by kirkandmimi - "barn rustic vintage" • dana279 - "sunset childhood joy" • Mr Moss - "Watching the Campfire" • GAPHIKER - "Brianne at "Work"" • dpstyles™ - "Spent today scoping wedding spots upstate w @chelsa. This is a friends's barn in Tivoli..." • Abby Gillardi - "Harvest_Moon_Barn_Dance-9287" • ChuckThePhotographer - "Barn at Nipomo"

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