Scarlet By:Marissa Meyers

Plot Summary- Scarlet, a young girl with fiery red hair, lives on a farm with her grandmother. Her world turns upside down when her grandmother goes missing. Scarlet meets Wolf, a street fighter who may have information about her Grandmothers whereabouts, Scarlet's hesitant to trust him but is inexplicably drawn to him.
Biography- Marissa Meyer is the New York Times-best selling author of The Lunar Chronicles. She lives in Tacoma, Washington. She is a fan of most things geeky and has been in love with fairy tales since she was a child.
1.Genre- Fiction 2.Setting- Rieux, France:Future 3.Theme- Things aren't always what they seem 4.Primary conflict- Someone kidnapped Scarlet's grandmother. She has to trust a stranger named Wolf, who some secrets of his own. 5.Resolution- Wolf helps track down her Grandmother.
1. Scarlet- 18, big brown eyes, curly/ unruly red hair, always wears red hoodie her grandmother gave her, always carries a gun, has a tendency to act first and think later. 2. Wolf- 23, olive-toned skin, messy brown hair that tends to spike in all directions, tattoo"LSOP962" on his arm, sharp canine teeth, shy around people, fidgety and constantly pacing, always hungry

3. Grandmother (Michelle Benoit)- age unknown, curly grey hair, rough wrinkled hands (from years of farm work), ex-military pilot, very opinionated and stubborn, most folks thinks shes crazy

"A sickening howl stopped her, sucking the air out of her lungs. The night's chatter silenced, even the loitering city rats pausing to listen. Scarlet had heard wild wolves before, but never had a wolf's howl send a chill down her back like that." pg 83- Just before the howl she saw Wolf run into the woods, this howl started confirming her suspicions about him.
"Wolf are you asking me to be... your alpha female? He hesitated. Scarlet couldn't help it- she burst into laughter. Oh I'm sorry. That was mean. I know I shouldn't tease you about this. Still grinning she made to retract her hand, but he was suddenly gripping it refusing to let go. His lips twitched, his nervousness beginning to ease away, though his hands stayed tense over hers. Alpha female, she muttered. I sort of like that." pg 446

In a traditional wolf pack being an "alpha female" is the highest title you can earn, perhaps even more important than the "alpha male". So when Wolf asks Scarlet to be his alpha female, he's showing how much he truly cares for her.

1. univs- official currency of the earthen union 2.lunar- relating to, or resembling the moon 3. canine-relating to, or resembling a dog 4. opera house- a theater designed for the performance of opera 5.princess- the daughter of a monarch
I've always been a sucker for fairy tales, even more so now than when I was younger. Little red riding hood has always be a favorite of mine. This book gives the tale a whole new perspective and makes me look at this story a way I've never thought of before. If I had to describe the book in three words they would be: addictive, charming and romantic. I chose these three because in a way the whole book really is a love story and once you start reading you won't want to stop.
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