'We Are' by Vaccine7. Release date 11th September 2020. Artwork by Mustapha Design Dz.
Rubber Face (Each Time I Lose) by Vaccine7. Release date 26th June 2020. Artwork by Mustapha Design Dz.
'Poison' by Vaccine7. Release date 29th May 2020. Artwork by Mustapha Design Dz.
'Silence' is the debut single by Vaccine7. Release date 1st May 2020. Artwork by Mustapha Design Dz. Recorded, produced and mixed by Alejandro Padilla.
'Silence - Unplugged Sessions' is a stripped back version of the original. Release date 15th May 2020. Recorded by Vaccine7. Produced and mixed by Alejandro Padilla.


Vaccine7 are an Alternative Rock Band from the West Midlands UK.

Formed in 2019, this female fronted band resides somewhere between a thunderous rhythm section, heavy guitars and beautiful melodies. Band members Marie Purcell (Lead singer), Phil Griffiths (Guitar), Leanne Wagstaff (Bass) and Tone Chambers (Drums) were brought together by mutual friends on the music scene and their love of making music and performing on stage. Their influences include Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Tool and The Prodigy. Vaccine7 began recording material with Producer Alejandro Padilla in January 2020 and their debut single 'Silence' was released on the 1st May 2020.

'They know how to rock. If they release an album, in any format, I would buy it now!'' New Music Saturday.

''Finesse and wonder walk happily hand in hand with brutality, marking the very individual voice of Vaccine7 one to most definitely listen to.'' Metal Planet Music.

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Email: vaccine7@outlook.com

Latest News

30.09.20 Recording for the new album has begun!

09.09.20 New single 'We Are' released

16.06.20 New single 'Rubber Face (Each Time I Lose)' released on 26th June 2020.

29.05.20 Vaccine7 released new single 'Poison' on all major streaming platforms.

10.05.20 'Silence' has been added to playlists and aired by over 60 stations and shows all over the world. Stations include WCRFM, Black Country Radio, KCC Live, Valley FM, Banks Radio Australia, Planet Mosh, Hard Rock Hell Radio, Rock Rage Radio and Rock Radio UK. Across countries including Brazil, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary and Germany.

04.05.20 'Silence' was the RAMzine 'Single of the Week', featured on the Mike James Rock Show.

01.05.20 Vaccine7's debut single 'Silence' is released on all major streaming services.

22.04.20 Vaccine7's debut single 'Silence' has finished being mixed and mastered by Alejandro Padilla. Release date 1st May 2020.

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