Categories & Template Types Guidelines For Adobe Stock Contributors

As part of the metadata form, Adobe Stock contributors must select a category and template type for each template submission. Review our guidelines below to understand how to choose the appropriate categories and types for your templates.

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Overview: How Categories & Template Types are Used in Metadata

Categories & Template Types: Art & Illustration | Mobile | Photo | Print | Web


How Categories & Template Types are Used in Metadata

Choosing the correct category and template type is important because it will affect how your template is auto-keyworded. After the template title and any additional keywords you fill out in the metadata form, auto-keywords are also included to help surface your content under common searches related to the template types.

Example of auto-keywords added based on selecting Category: Print and Template Type: Brochure

For more information on how auto-keywords are added, see Keywords in Metadata Requirements for Templates.

Categories & Template Types

Some template types may occur across multiple categories (such as Mockups) and some may only be relevant to just one category (such as Business Cards and Print). To ensure that you are selecting the most accurate category and template type fields, take a look at these common examples of template types within each category.

Art & Illustration

Art & Illustration Template Type: Mockups

Includes mockups meant for users to add their hand-drawn artwork (not printed design work), scene generators for users to move and customize elements/objects.

Examples: a paint & paper mockup / elements in a botanical scene generator kit / retro items in a scene generator kit / a sketchbook mockup meant for hand-drawn elements

Art & Illustration Template Type: Other

Includes art kits, design elements sets, pattern sets, image and text effects.

Examples: a geometric prism elements set / a smoke text effect / an elegant patterns set


Mobile Template Type: Mockups

Includes mockups for mobile devices (phones, tablets, watches).

Examples: tablet mockups / mobile phone mockup / dual mobile phone mockups

Mobile Template Type: Logos and Icons Sets

Includes icons, symbols, or elements meant for mobile UI/UX design or usage.

Examples: an icon set for mobile apps / an icon set for Instagram Stories covers

Mobile Template Type: Social Media

Includes layouts meant for mobile-based social media, such as Instagram.

Examples: a block party square posts and vertical stories set / a sales square posts set / an announcement & sales square posts set

Mobile Template Type: UI and UX Kits

Includes layouts meant for mobile user interface or experience designs.

Examples: a medical UI kit / an activity UI kit


Photo Template Type: Mockups

Includes mockups for photo frames, albums, collages, moodboards.

Examples: photo frame mockups / a collage & moodboard mockup / instant film mockups set

Photo Template Type: Other

Includes image effects and photo masks.

Examples: photo grid layouts / a double exposure photo effect / a set of geometric image masks


Print Template Type: Mockups

Includes mockups meant for printed designs such as apparel, products, advertisements, and stationery.

Examples: product mockups of cans / a window display mockup / apparel mockups / coffee cup mockups

Print Template Type: Business Cards

Includes horizontal and vertical business card layouts.

Examples: marble horizontal business card layout / botanical vertical business card layout

Print Template Type: Brochures

Includes tri-fold and bi-fold layouts for brochures, pamphlets, and leaflets.

Examples: blue tri-fold brochure / travel bi-fold brochure / simple & modern bi-fold brochure

Print Template Type: Catalogs

Includes multi-page layouts for catalogs, booklets, lookbooks, style guides, and product lists.

Examples: a horizontal lookbook / a square furniture catalog / a colorful style guide

Print Template Type: Magazines

Includes multi-page layouts for magazines, articles, publications, and journals.

Examples: magazine layouts

Print Template Type: Flyers and Posters

Includes layouts for flyers, posters, and ads.

Examples: a brunch flyer layout / a set of music event posters

Print Template Type: Invitations and Cards

Includes layouts for invitations, save-the-dates, greeting cards, and postcards.

Examples: acamping postcard set / a wedding invitation set

Print Template Type: Resumes

Includes layouts for resumes, CVs, and cover letters.

Example: a resume & cover letter set

Print Template Type: Stationery

Includes sets of layouts for varying paper sizes such as letterheads, envelopes, postcards, etc.

Examples: stationery sets with envelopes, letterheads, cards, and more.

Print Template Type: Other

Includes layouts for labels, stickers, banners, billboards, and other print layouts.

Examples: a holiday sticker set / a candle label layout / a set of print banners

For more information, see Other Print Sizes in Standard Paper and Screen Sizes.


Web Template Type: Mockups

Includes mockups for desktop devices/screen displays.

Examples: desktop mockups and sets

Web Template Type: Infographics

Includes charts, graphs and more. Note that if the colorspace is CMYK, it should be listed under the Print category.

Examples: a chart graph layout / a colorful infographic layout

Web Template Type: Logos and Icons Set

Includes icons, symbols, or elements meant for screen design or usage.

Examples: a clean and modern logo set / a weather icon set

Web Template Type: Presentations and Proposals

Examples: presentation and slide layouts

Includes screen layouts for presentations, slides, reports, and proposals.

Web Template Type: UI and UX Kits

Includes layouts meant for web user interface or experience designs, such as wireframes.

Example: a website wireframe kit

Web Template Type: Websites and Banners

Includes layouts for websites and web banners.

Examples: a health & exercise website layout / a colorful set of ad banner layouts / a brand website layout

Last Published: September 23rd, 2020