Choux Pastry Assignment sahel asadi

A profiterole, also known as cream puff or choux à la crème,is a filled French choux pastry ball with a typically sweet and moist filling of whipped cream, custard, or pastry cream. The puffs are left plain or garnished with chocolate ganache, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar. In the picture above, the profiteroles are decorated with chocolate to make peacocks. They are kept simple as far as topping. I chose this picture because it was impressive that the profiteroles are very simple yet the minimal decorations have transformed the overall look of the dessert. I would present each profiterole individually over a large chocolate decoration similar to the feather in the image and drizzle melted white chocolate over them because it is unique (with the variety of shapes) and unusual at a school cafeteria. It would be a practical dessert to sell because it is a classic and well-known by most people.
A croquembouche is a French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and wrapped with threads of caramel. The traditional croquembouche in the above picture, consists of profiteroles, each individually dipped in a melted sugar caramel sauce and stacked tall. Finally, they’re wrapped with spun sugar. What I found most impressive about the image the fact that the simple and traditional dessert is presented with different textures, colours and height which makes the overall look more appealing and interesting. I would present this dessert with a few small choux pastry balls and spun sugar, very similar but a smaller version of the image above. However, I do not think that it would be suitable to sell at the school cafeteria because the beauty of the dessert is its tall look and cone shape and if they were to be sold at school, the price of each serving would have to increase since they would be bigger than usual.
The Paris-Brest is traditionally a wheel of choux pastry sliced in half, filled with hazelnut praline cream, and topped with a crispy crust of slivered almonds and powdered sugar. In this picture, the Paris-Brest is filled with whipped cream, topped with melted chocolate and chopped almonds. What I liked about this picture is the chocolate topping and how it looks a little messy because it still looks chic and tempting. I would present this dessert at school very similar to the picture but I would also decorate a few with caramel sauce, fill them with custard and eliminate the nuts. I think it would be practical to sell it school because it has many of the components that students would like such as whipped cream, custard, chocolate, and caramel.

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