i2k Oilfield Places® Named Entity Recognition for Oil & Gas

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i2k Oilfield Places is a microservice within the i2k Connect® AI Platform that recognizes and disambiguates references to places of interest. i2k Oilfield Places exposes a taxonomy that characterizes places from both a geopolitical and a geological perspective. Customers benefit from rapid identification and auto-classification of structured and unstructured content, which accelerates their ability to find and leverage the data they need now.

Curated Oilfield Places Entity Knowledge Base

i2k Oilfield Places offers highly accurate, fast, and scalable named entity recognition and auto classification using AI-based natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. Capabilities of i2k Oilfield Places include:

  • Identifying references to Oilfield Places by variations of their names when names occur in a written context that is likely to be a true positive reference to such places.
  • Rejecting apparent references to Oilfield Places in written text that are unlikely to be true references to such places.
  • Disambiguating Oilfield Place names by using context from neighboring text in the form of geopolitical references, references to unambiguous place names, or references to ambiguous place names that are jointly unambiguous.
  • Taxonomizing Oilfield Places into a hierarchy defined geopolitically (regions, countries, country regions, counties, ...) and geologically (basins, leasing areas, blocks, formations, and wells).
  • Deducing geopolitical context for written text from references to places that are not Oil and Gas specific.
  • Tracing Oilfield Place references to the text that contains them for explanation purposes.
i2k Oilfield PlacesAuto Classification

Extensive Ontology

i2k Oilfield Places from the most general to the most specific oilfield classifications follow this general hierarchy: Region (i.e., continents), Country, Country-Region (e.g., states, provinces), Basin, Leasing Area, Block, Field, Formation, and Well. i2k Connect can combine its curated knowledge base of publicly known Oilfield Places with a customer’s proprietary places.


Flexible Deployment

i2k Oilfield Places can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, enabling a variety of big data text analytics applications via a REST API.

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