Catch-22 Support it or we all fall

Catch-22 brings to light the terrifying situation in which soldiers are just puppets to an unknown and impersonal bureaucracy. To remove this revelation from the populace is to remove power from the people.

3 out of 4 people interviewed said they were not happy with the government. Taking away Catch-22 makes sure we can't change that.

Catch-22 is a protest to how our government mistreats us

And how it mistreats our soldiers.

Though Catch-22 contains strong language, the real world is full of strong language, and the strong language in the book furthers how very real the problems a

Created By
Aunteek Naser


Created with images by Pexels - "entertainment performance puppets" • VinothChandar - "Happy Birthday America! (Explored!)" • johnpotter - "aerial view protest" • Fort Rucker - "597th deploys 8 Soldiers" • Guerretto - "Censored"

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