The Science of Bio-Engineering (Specifically medicine)

Let's get started with a few words you should know

Bio-engineering- Also called biomedical engineering. the application of engineering principles and techniques to problems in medicine and biology, as the design and production of artificial limbs and organs. (

Basically using engineering skills and using them for problems in the medical field such as medicine.

Medicine- Any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness; medicament; remedy. (

Basically, the use of drugs that can be used to fix a sickness of physical ailment.

Ailment- A physical disorder or illness, especially of a minor or chronic nature. (

Drugs or medicines and their administration. Most medicines are made by chemical processes. Scientists, through research and careful study and testing, can isolate the chemicals in plants and animals that cure certain ailments. Some medicines help cure an ailment while some medicines relieve pain while your body naturally fights off the ailment. (

This is the chemical structure of Ibuprofen

Biomedical engineers work in different areas of medicine focusing on a bunch of different ways that technology can be used to treat or “get rid of” biological or medical problems. Others focus on developing materials that will promote healing or that can replace worn or injured body parts. Some biomedical engineers specialize in electronics or mechanics that have medical applications, for example creating a prosthetic leg or creating tissue for a heart after a heart attack. (

On the show "The Flash" a bio-engineer, Caitlin Snow, was trying to create a drug that will make The Flash faster.

Also called bio-medical engineering. Although solving biological problems with engineering has been around for a long time, the study has expanded from just using hospital equipment and solving smaller problems. Now bio-engineers has grown to try and solve biological problems on the cellular and molecular level. Bio-engineering is a broad field which expands beyond just the name. You can work with more than just biology, you work with computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering, and chemistry. (

A bio-engineer worked to create these prosthetic arms for this double amputee. Bio-engineering goes far beyond just medicine. Right: Doctors work with bio-engineers to develop technology that will help people with paralysis in their legs

This is an interesting video about what bio-engineers (biomedical engineers) do.

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