Obsidian Riley(a.k.a. Rooster)

Obsidian is made from volcanic eruptions it is also an igneous rock.

Luster:virtreous that is barely even shiny.

Hardness:5-6 that is really hard rock you can't even break it with a hammer.

Color:Deep black or blackish green both colors look the same on obsidian.

Its current use is to put patterns on glass objects.

This rock is mostly found at volcanoes after an eruption.

Did you know that obsidian is used for building rarely.

That it is made from lava cooling.

That it is made in the center of the earth.

That it was used on Easter island to make statues.

obsidian has been around for a long time coming from volcanic eruptions.

obsidian carved into obsidian arrow heads.


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