Awake by Natasha Preston

Natasha Preston

The book Awake by Natasha Preston was published August 4th, 2015. The author, Natasha Preston, was born in England on January 5th, 1988. She writes all types of books but mostly thrillers and romance. She has written many number one sellers. She started by blogging and publishing short stories online.

The book,  Awake, takes place in a high school named Ford High School. A new family with a son named Noah moves to town. The boy is welcomed to the school by a girl named Scarlett and her friends. Scarlett and her friend Imogen show Noah around for the day and they invite him to hang out with them and go to the movies. Noah and Scarlett start to like each other and get to know each other better, they start to date and are irreparable.

Scarlett is a girl in the story who grew up with a brother, mom and dad. When she was young, her and her family had a HUGE house fire that effected Scarlett's memories. She couldn't remember anything before the age of about 5. Scarlett's friends know it is a sensitive topic to her, so they don't talk about it much. Noah on the other hand is very pushy and passive about it. He works really hard to get her to try and remember and talk about the memories and her life before the fire.

Noah is the new kid in school, his first two friends are Scarlett and Imogen. They show him around and introduce him to their friends. Noah is a different kid, he's not like Scarlett and her friends, he is very healthy, loves being outside and he and his family are very exclusive, the only person who really knows his family well is Scarlett. Noah is a somewhat secretive person, that makes the book more interesting.

The authors writing style is very deep. It keeps you think and on your toes the whole time. But if you don't read every word closely and thoroughly, you will not completely understand the book and become lost. I had to reread some of the chapters to really grasp the idea of what the author was trying to say.

I really like how descriptive the book is, the detail is on point. Every word is almost connected somehow and I like that, it keeps you in the book and wanting to read more.

I disliked how slow the first chapter was. The chapter was almost like an introduction to the book but it was somewhat boring. If it hadn't picked up like it did within the next two chapters, I probably wouldn't still be reading the book.

I recommend this book if you want to read a good book, it has romance, thrills and almost a type of mystery so far in the book. It is a great book.

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