Lottie Moon Presented By: Julia ZImmer

Lottie was born on December 12th 1847 with six sisters and brothers. She grew up in a Christian home on a wealthy plantain, but she didn't care about God. Her friends brought her to church and it changed her life. She was called the unlikely missionary.
Lottie was taught at the Female Seminary in Botetourt. She later became a teacher in Danville Kentucky and Cartersville Georgia. She also started schools in China.
God called Lottie to work as a missionary in Northern China when she was 32.
When she moved to China the people were afraid of strangers. So, she baked cookies for the children of China and shared the gospel to them. The Children, at first were afraid to eat the cookies, but then she became known as the 'cookie lady'.
Lottie Moon always asked for money to help the people of China, so after she died the church founded the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.
There was a famine in China and Lottie gave all her food to the people of China. She became very sick and was told to go back to the states. She never made it back because she died in Kobe Japan harbor on December 24, Christmas eve.
Lift up your head and look to the fields for they are ready to harvest.
If I had a thousand lives, I would give them all to the women of China. -Lottie Moon
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