Magazine Spread Conceptual Design and Digital Media

Initial Research BL BR TL TR

All of these spreads focus on a main image that takes up a whole page. They are heavy on the use of white space. Alignment is a key element working in these spreads - the use of alignment ensures that the spread feels clean and the text is easy to read. Because the focus will be on the main image, it would be important that that image is edited to ensure that it has impact.


Photo Editing

I edited the background image using photoshop. I used the brightness/contrast and colour settings to adjust the way the image presents. I was hoping to make it look a bit more magical and illustrated.
I edited this image using a candy filter. It was a basic filter overlay - I am thinking that I will likely crop it down into a square shape to use in the layout.

Generating Design Ideas

I based these 4 layouts on the layouts that I identified in my research. I have based all the designs on one large image and text being built into two columns.

Stakeholder Feedback:

Stakeholder feedback will go in here

Further Research

I used a website to explore a range of font combinations and it gave me an example of what those font combinations looked like. In the bottom right and top left you can see a sans-serif title with a serif body text which has a traditional newspaper feel but still feels legible and clean.

I have looked into some ideas around font choices. IndesignSkills makes a number of recommendations. I am thinking that I will be using a sans-serif font for my headings. Something light, but it will have to have enough weight to draw attention. I think that the body text could handle being a serif font- but I am not sure. I have also looked at some other techniques to make my magazine layout stand out. The key idea I have drawn from this page is making something very large scale - even off the page to add impact.

Refining Ideas

I have bought together my initial grid structure and some of elements I explored with font and more interesting layouts (see the link above). I have tried to increase the sense of scale by making the image or the heading much larger than you might expect. In the top concept I have considered an image cut away to create part of the title and the rest of the heading on top. I would have to create a couple of samples to see if this is effective as I imagine.

Colour Palettes

There are a couple of potential colour palettes that could work for my theme. I like the idea of a more muted colour palette, but still with those highlights of colour that you get when out on the water in a bright coloured kayak.


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