JOANNE'S STORY "There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope." - Bernard Williams

There are few tools as powerful in the arsenal against abuse and neglect as love, hope, family, faith and community.

Children who endured abuse and neglect don't get trophies for their victories over the past. The healing journey is marked instead with small celebrations of self and tender moments of insight; there is no certificate of achievement for finding hope in a life that has seen only hopelessness. Every day is a journey, and helping lead the way are the many hands reaching out in generosity and love. The Childhelp Special Friends program speaks to the commitment and resolve we all need to continue in this shared stand for safer childhoods and happier families.

And Joanne's story does exactly that... Her involvement with the Childhelp Special Friends Program at the Merv Griffin Village in Beaumont, CA has shaped the lives of many children in our care. In so many ways, Childhelp might be a child's last best hope. But in this role, Joanne was able to be a first best friend to so many hurting children.

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