Drift! Shift! Brake! CARS! By Gian Canale


An old car dealership in europe

You want to get a job involving the automobile no matter if it's a mechanic or a manager. Number one, You'll need to figure out what branch of car job you want to get involved in. There's two in the car world. The first is the business sector. This is where you want to own a car dealership or be a manager or CEO or chief executive officer of a car company. Another is the hands on sector this is different jobs in a company. This is where you are a mechanic or a person who works on cars. Race driver, drifter or anything that involves manual labor working physically with your hands for money or in this case risking your life to be paid for that job you chose. As you can see, there are many things you can do in the automobile industry and you really can have a lot of fun.

Car sales in the last half year

JDM Cars (Japanese Domestic Market)

1990 Mazda Miata

You now decide to take a different path. You want to get involved in the two hundred billion dollar industry of JDM cars. JDM standing for Japanese Domestic Market is a multi billion dollar business that sells a certain type of product. Specializing in importing new old or used Japanese made sports cars SUVS or trucks. For example, Toyota’s/Honda’s are all JDM cars. When you buy a Toyota Subaru or Honda, all that money goes into production costs and more importantly inflation. Inflation means the general raising of price’s of a product then lowering it for the less valuable purchase of money. So, if you want a sweet ride the JDM is for you!


This is one of the most well practised things in the car industry. Drifting also known as Oversteer or Understeer, is when you swing out your car to slip your car to a angle and apply extra gas (drift) around a corner or on the road. You can’t drift with just any car though. Any car with ABS Traction control, or awd/4x4 are hard or can't even drift. Good cars to drift but are not limited to are. Toyota Supra,Mercedes C63 Amg Black and 1999 Nissan GTR. How to drift. When you drift you need mainly to have a (e brake) Emergency Brake. Once you want to drift you go into first gear rev, yank your e brake and turn your steering wheel 3 times to either way you want to drift. Once your done with that let go of your steering wheel and you should be straight. As you can see drifting is a bit difficult but it's an important step and it's fun!

Two cars drifting!

Stay safe! Get some safety equipment!

Nico Rosenberg holding his race helmet

When ever you want to drive fast or have fun in your car atleast make sure you have a race helmet! Some of the most vital things are in your head! Make sure whenever you buy a race helmet make sure it's a race certified helmet you know that by checking the side of the helmet for example the side of the box and it says “US RACE CERTIFIED SAFE”. Whenever you buy a race suit you’ll need to check the tag for a race certified sticker. CES and EAS. CES meaning car extinguisher system means if your car ever has a fire you pull a red lever on the passenger compartment and the whole car fills with foam! EAS mean emergency air system. This means if your car ever has too much smoke after a fire you can grab a mask from the passenger and breath clean fresh air. So, as you see safety is important to your car and you. So as you see there's a lot of fun and amazing cars and jobs to do!

A classic rally car


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