Brandon Chestnut BIGEYE Spring 2016 internship

Here is a visual walk through of a few of my accomplishments throughout my Spring 2016 internship at BIGEYE. During my time here, I primarily worked on strategy tasks, innovative blog ideas that were leveraged to place BIGEYE on the national forefront of the industry, developed a new press release contact list, and captured images that were used for various BIGEYE and client campaigns.


BIGEYE’s CEO Justin Ramb was developing ASKEDOO, which will revolutionize the way you find the answer to your question. When you join Askedoo, you access an active community of curious minds and helpful experts. Gone are the days of scouring search engines and topic forums for answers. Thanks to Askedoo, problems are solved in a few taps, chats, and live streaming video broadcasts.

The other interns and I, were tasked with the task of handling all of the copy for the load screens. We had to develop engaging content, which will keep the user’s interest while waiting for their answer to load. Since this was prior to the launch, we also crafted the initial content for Twitter and Facebook of ASKEDOO.

Content Marketing- Unicorp

Throughout this portion of my internship, I was tasked with capturing original content for UNICORP. The goal of this project was to leverage the high-resolution images to showcase the company’s expertise for interested clients locally and nationally.

strategic partnership- Red Bull

During this project, I was able to attend the Red Bull Wings at Work event located in downtown Orlando. Jessica's primary goal of this event was to go and help foster a relationship with CreativeMornings as well as Red Bull. I was given the task to capture images that conveyed BIGEYE's support of Red Bull's cause. The idea of the event was to provide professionals with a place to break away from their workspaces and enjoy the outdoors, while finishing their daily tasks. I was able to see first hand the public relations side of advertising from watching Jessica network within the Orlando community as well as the back end side of the process by creating a whole new press release contact list.

Social meida- BIGEYE

When I was not working on “fun facts” for Askedoo load screens, social media, analytical research for clients, or searching endlessly to find new and innovate blog topics to promote BIGEYE, I was running around capturing images of BIGEYE’s new move.

"One has not only an ability to perceive the world, but an ability to alter one's perception of it; more simply, one can change things by the manner in which one looks at them." - Tom Robbins

Now we will dive into looking at how my images were utilized for social media use for BIGEYE and various clients. When I was not assisting in creating new content for social, I assisted in gathering analytics for clients such as SeaWorld and Discovery Cove to help generate past month reports.

Thank you for all of the knowledge everyone has shared with me this semester!

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