DTC #18: Rooftop Namaste first, bend into uttanasana then transition to banana pancake pose





Soak in the views and positive vibes during your "private" yoga session.

Brunch like you’re on the islands bruddah.

“I wouldn't do A-Frame aloha if it wasn't right. But it's right. So, we took an IHOP and made it a futuristic modern picnic built around abstract forms of aloha.” Roy Choi, Owner.
Stop 1

balance those shakras up on the Roof

• 10am to 11:15am •

With the secret code in hand you can’t help but feel a little bit mischievous after you push the “R” button in the elevator of the Frame LA building. Stepping on to the succulent laden rooftop you’re greeted with equal parts incredible view and grateful people. The “private” yoga session lead by Samara Zelniker happily touches on everything from introspective meditation to challenging positions. As the session culminates the gentle hum of the world below sucks you back to reality. It’s at this moment you realize it’s time for brunch.

Stop 2

Brunch Under the A Frame Roof

• 11:30am until you've broke da mouth •

The few minute walk to A-Frame is the perfect time to wind down and mentally prepare your stomach for the feast ahead. Roy Choi’s Hawaiian creation A-Frame is built for your brunch bidding. Looking to really chow down? Unlimited pancakes for $16 are your jam. You don’t see much on the lighter side but they do have homemade spam…it’s delicious. Relaxing island vibes echo through the inside vaulted ceilings while the outside fire pit is the spot for relaxing and chatting up new friends. After your 13th pancake and cup of coffee it’ll be time to head out and start your day, who knows maybe the beach is in your near future.

Bonus: If you want to keep the dream alive walk down to Good Dirt LA to throw some pottery. They have an all levels class on Saturday afternoons.


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